Ps4 market

Ps4 market still has purples that are better to craft and sell vs just selling the resources. But I don’t think it will last too much longer. I give it a month or two at most before they are the same or resource selling is more profitable.

Depending on how your figuring out the math your most likely already losing when crafting in most cases.

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Yeah, I wish they made the crafting system more viable and rewarding, glad they got rid of the wait times to switch fractions, but think they need to make the requirements of crafting and fusing a bit more realistic

Kinda hard to get the math wrong on that. Calculate resources needed to craft from white up to your epic in terms of market sales cost including sales taxes. And weigh that versus the parts market sales cost including sales tax and workbench cost.

Obviously for the higher priced epics on the market.

Its the no crafting time that is causing this. Crafting has always been rather lucrative before. For example just buying resources to craft an epic at low cost and selling say a photon I was making 300c-400c on the epic; sometimes more sometimes less, while having zero resources to start with.

On PS4, crafting can often be profitable, but only for certain items at certain moments.
Often resource prices dip down severely, while item prices stay stable. At those times, crafting sought after items can be quite profitable. But when resources get expensive, crafting can lose you money (depending on the item).

From what others say, it sounds like the same is rarely true on Xbox and PC.
On PS4, popular items can get quite pricey on the market, creating opportunities for those of us that enjoy the grind of crafting something from scratch.

The ravens events make the market go crazy in so many ways. Resources get expensive, but certain items that are used for crafting some ravens items get really expensive. Phoenixes often more than triple in value for a week or two, before crashing again.

i recommended this in the old forums and most players agreed sooo…

your welcome xo…

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Your doing crafter math, I will take the time to write a post on the real value of items when I have a chance. Sorry, I was just heading to bed.

A lot of crafters I know do math like this. And I understand why most people would think this is the right way. But I got a different way. (It’s easier I promise)

It’s okay if more people are crafting and bringing down the prices, just means I save $ when I want to buy a part!
Yay, for no wait times!

Lol, who was the guy on the other forum that always thought stuff was added to the game because he said it? That used to crack me up.

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Yup it cracked me up too haha

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No thanks.

I never said it was bad or good. I just said it is.