Ps4 servers

Did they crash or something? I was building in game and got a message that it was trying to reconnect to server. Now every time I try to log in I get a 52:Fenrir error. Juuuust happened now though.

I never have server issues. At least never one with an in game message saying “trying to reconnect to server”. Internet is working spiffy on my end.

Ugh… Maybe Devs were working on servers while they are running again…

I have been getting a lot of these errors in the last few weeks.

On Xbox, so it’s not just Ps4

I’m not getting errors, but I am getting much more lag than normal. It’s making it extra difficult to play fast builds.

The issue I was talking about only lasted a few hours and affected the whole ps4 community.

On the issue of lag… I never ever usually have any. I have had some lately. And by some I mean I lagged for a Seccond mid game on two occasions in the same day. Yesterday it happened once. All for just about a Seccond. But it was a full lock up. Still not enough to mess with my matches though.

So if I lagged, other people are def experiences lag that would be an issue. Mine was harmless though.

Ps I have slow internet, so if I lag I consider my internet could be a cause. Even though it somehow never is an issue of causing lag. 24mbs is just fast enough it seems

I would say the lag I’ve been seeing this week was fairly minor, and occasional.
Seems to act up most when people are running a lot of projectile weapons, especially porcs. I don’t think it’s my internet, as mine is usually pretty fast, and nothing else is behaving weird.