PS5/Console HDR? Video options

Does XO support HDR on consoles/PS5?

It does not recognize HDR when set to: On when supported in system settings. When I use always on colors and overall quality is improved.

I would also like access to more video settings.

UnlockedFPS with VRR.

Access to the FSR 2.0 quality settings.

FoV slider.

The Dev;s if they ever read this would say “you’re asking for too much”

The Xbox series X version should have a lot more graphic options.

That console is better then many peoples PCs

True but that mainly depends on son how old said PC is and how strong of specs it has, most people aren’t hardcore gamers so spending 5k plus for a rig isn’t worth it. Also, depending on the console and how new it is and how strong it is, as like pc’s they come in different strength, not disagreeing with you fyi


PS5 is equivalent in power. XB has slightly more powerful GPU but PS5 makes up for it with better compression and higher SSD speed.

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