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I find it funny that my worst builds on the exhibition get double digit likes.
And my best builds on there get close to 0 likes.

Maybe i should just post a Big Phallus car on there to be most popular.

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i’m having the same experience.

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I too wonder why some of my builds end up with double the likes of other builds, when I’m thinking the build that got lower votes looks way better.

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“Why are people liking what they like instead of liking what I want them to like”

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more like “Why do people prefer crap to gold?”


Good rule of thumb: 99% of the time, if you see a car in the exhibition and it looks like a real car, then it’s crap. Move on and find something built for the way the game works, not how real life looks.

Obviously depends on the car’s loadout. I keep reposting my triple Snowfall Harpy quad Hermits car, it keeps going back to 10+ likes after a couple months. Because there’s probably 5 pages max of wheeled Harpy Snowfall cars lol.