Pulsar balancing issue

I think there is some extremely severe balancig issue with the Pulsars.


  1. Size: huge.
  2. Durability: not enough, considering the size. They are very easy to hit because of their size.
  3. DPS: low (damage is good, but reload is sloooow).
  4. Perk: completely random, ineffective against a well built vehicle if it has hidden modules, especially early in the match. Towards the middle to end of the match, when there is less armor on the vehicles, it is more effective, but the perk doesn’t offset the disadvantages of the weapon (it’s all it has).
  5. Aiming: very tricky to use as the projectile is quite slow.
  6. Turret rotation speed: low (if you use it on hovers or legs, omnis, not really a problem)

Advantages: ???

I tried it on glass-cannon hovers, fast hit-and-run wheel or omni builds, massive monsters with lots of hp, reload-optimized builds, durability-optimized builds (Kronos, Ermak, Machinist, Omamori). Quantum, Harpy, Catalina, Photon+trombone don’t help much.

The problem is that sniping from far away is very hard because of the slow projectile, and in mid to close combat you lose them very quickly, even with Kronos+Omamori or Ermak+Omamori (Machinist is even worse).

And no matter what PS you’re in, virtually most Epic or Legendary weapons are better than you, with more DPS, better size/durability ratio, or more useful perks.

How come Fatman has MORE durabilty, MORE PDS, and BETTER perk, about 8 TIMES CHEAPER, AND IT’S JUST AN EPIC WEAPON???

If some dev reads this: The Pulsar deserves more durability, OR more dps, OR a smaller size, AND definitely a better perk.

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Put that in the below link - they don’t read here.


Here’s an effective Pulsar setup:

Sell them. Then get some Waltzes and try them on all the setups just mentioned. Waltz hits way harder and reloads twice as fast.


Thanks for the advice, I will do that!

Another setup if you like big explosions. (I do). 3 Fortumes hit about twice as hard as 2 Pulsars.


Yes, thank you, I have Fortune too, and I like it because they are relatively difficult to use, but if you hit someone they are often ruined or crippled. So something makes up for the difficulty of using them.
That should be the same for Pulsars, something to offset their disadvantages.


pulsars back then were really powerful. hell the hit radius was HUGE and would often times take out chunks from people. they have been nerfed pretty hard since then and have fallen out of grace, not many people use them anymore. i tried using a quasar before and they are just awful… i tried pulsars to but i could never hit anything with them. if anything you NEED them fused. the ball they create when firing can be seen miles away and avoided very easily. fusing them for projectile speed was a must back then. nowadays i rarely, if ever, see them being used by anyone.
on top of this i never understood why pulsars / quasars needed ammo. they are an energy weapon and i always thought they would charge that power based on the cabin. it would be cool if they had a unique perk that charged them faster if they had an energy based cabin equipped but oh well, cant have everything.

fatmans can be pretty broken depending on the setup you use on them to. i guess the same goes for the mammoths to. but if anything id take other weapons over pulsars. they just arent worth it anymore.

They would be better if they went back to the quasar perk…

The developers are just wilfully blind to the fact that it’s not just pulsars that have balance issues with weapons, this game will just be ruined by the stubborn stupidity of the developers

Pulsars were better than relics upon release and I’m not exaggerating. The amount of Typhoon and Scorp hovers I bullied with those was absurd. They were Yokais except with the same damage effect with a direct hit. They really ought to turn faster and share its perk with the quasar. I dislike the quasar perk because having a varied reload speed disrupts my gameplay rythym and aim, perks like that along with the Fatman perk really are bad because of this.

Yes, that would be nice, but I’d have to sell everything I own in the game to do it. Jay’s perk helps a bit (Projectile speed +5%)

I agree totally. Or some new interesting perk like jamming the weapons or slow down (even cut off engine for a few sec) the enemys, like Hammerfall or Spark. Or they could make a module that accelerates the velocity of the projectile. They could even make money with it.

Then it looks like it deserved the nerf, but they went a bit overboard. I’m trying to get an Aegis-prime, combined with Chameleon maybe the Pulsars will last longer.

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I get around this using the hadron cab. I have one up on exhibition if you want to give it a try.

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I feel like pulsar and quasar effectiveness suffered a bit with the latest few projectile / explosion / resistance updates.

I like the challenge of long range shots, they feel very rewarding.
Either way my favorite setup always is quantum cab, reload module, oppressor engine & wheels.

on another note, wheres zhetash?

Yeah, me too, sometimes they do 800-1000 damage per shot without popping. If you lucky and not almost all of the enemies are Miller or Cyclone builds, you can get some fun matches.

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Get a set of Waltz and put them on a Harpy and 800 points of damage is an average/ mediocre shot. If you like long range, try Helicons or Crickets. And don’t forget about Snowfalls and Explocusts.

Seriously, if you like Pulsars, you need to get into rockets. You will be way happier.

Thanks for the advices, Waltz is cool :slight_smile: !

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