Purpose of Icarus IV

So can anyone shed some light as to what is the purpose of Icarus IV? I don’t see anyone running these instead of VII, which go much faster. I run Icarus IV because I could not afford VII and every other hover I run into, high ps or low, uses VII. I know this simply out of maximum speed and not being able to chase any other hovers or not let them put to much distance between their build and mine.

Supposedly as far as I understand IV is supposed to be the “heavy cabin” of the hovers, but honestly people seem to be able to run the same heavy chunky hover builds on VII as you would imagine one would need IV for, and the builds that are somewhat more robust than a VII build aren’t robust enough that the top speed difference is not a downside on the IV. IV has a higher ps as an added bonus of being the worse hover, so what’s the actual purpose of these? Because they are not in the same tier as VII by any means.

I bet you that anytime anyone says hovers need a nerf, they are talking of the IV and not the VII. IV is just a worse VII at a higher ps and offering nothing in return for it. IV might have a higher tonnage and the minimal amount of more hp, but they are not different enough, as in VII is just way better than IV at everything imaginable.

What are these for? How do you use them? Why would anyone use IV instead of VII and how can that be fixed?

I think the original main purpose was to have a pack only version.

Now we are stuck we two.


Clunky — yes. Heavy — no. They can’t run heavy on 6 VII. They can run heavy on 8 IV. And they can run spaced armour on both.

VII was promised to be nerfed. Again. Height and maximum speed.

I think you can use less IV’s on the chunky builds. I only have 4 of the IV’s and they handle real well. I see players using VII’s but 6 to 8 of them.

I see them regular, like maybe a build every 5 or 6 matches.

I am currently working toward a set of 8 on xbox. I won’t be investing in them on PC.