Pvp 11437 vs 14000-15600

How far should I go against 14K scorpio howers with an 11k car … I still have a hard time understanding 12k, but how far should I go against 14-15k CW cars

and then the idiot Skill issue

I have matches in a 10.2k car against 16k often.

Being honest, I no longer even look at PS (a few days after I see a post about it here I guess), I just play the strategy I “envisioned” when I was building the build. It will work well or it won’t regardless of PS.


This is the way +1

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I found early on that if you’re not playing PS 8999 and under then you’re playing ‘bigs’. I don’t build cars from 9k-13k as the match making here is the least fair IMO.

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If you play a match or two like that and your build is not adequately successful, cancel out of the loading screen to force a different group of players.

Certain types of builds simply cannot compete in poorly matched combat. Ranged builds can do well, but melee will be slaughtered.

The advice to keep your build at a lower power score is solid. The matchmaker works better at lower values.

I’d just go for it until it’s frustrating, the worst that can happen is you die early in the match. It’s really not much of an issue as you don’t really lose anything. If you can learn something from it, it’s good if not you wasted maybe a few minutes of time.

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If it keeps happening, I will often just reenter at roughly the same power score since that is where most of my builds are, but with a different type of build. I like shotguns, but it is all but impossible to be successful with shotguns if you are at a inferior powerscore to everyone else. You can do quite well with Auto cannons, though.