PVP and server selection FIX !important

i forcing only EU and want only EU players
95% match gajin russian scammer join full team UPTIER soviet squads who have +3000 PS different. …

Super game … paid money and got kick ass +mute for talking critics!!

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Nonstop 9-10k PS and enemy 11-12-13 … i never see downtier!! !!

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Drop your PS to 9000 or below.

Hmm try using trash YAOGUAI drone launcher and talk me again about below 9k

All is nerfed i no want wasting money and resources for crap guns, preffer now long range automatic .

This dev is looser, nobody cant contact direct this lames, all is nerfed unbalanced crap

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What are you? An Xbox player?.

PC only

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Double Yaoguai below 9k is fun. Build something small and fast. And stay far away from direct battle. As the other team moves in move away and stay behind other cars. Drop drones where other people are clumped up fighting each other and run away.

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A few of us tried giving him advice in his other thread, but he is convinced that it’s the drone that is weak point.
I agree that it’s a fun drone to play, and more powerful than many people realize.

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It is a little under powered, BUT I find that a lot of people don’t play it long enough to get its play style down. (It really took me like 2-3 games to get it down, it’s not rocket science)

You have to stay away from the battle.

I like to look for dogs stuck under someone or cars paying attention to something else. They don’t even realize the drone is messing them up before it is to late.

It has to be used like a support weapon and not a main killing gun. Your just their to add additional damage in a fight and not the main killing force.

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I m heavy attacker with this gun, can do 3-5 kills, but problem is gun
too heavy
too big
too slow reloade
too low dmg
too low HP

crap developer who cheating with power score now 9,5k vs 13k enemy …

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So let’s say you really do 3-5 kills per game… (You don’t look like someone who does, buuut), and you still want the gun to be better? Maybe 8 kills would be enough? How about 9?

Honestly, all this anger… Someone would think you meant 3-5 kills per day, and half of that is killing yourself by self-explode.

Yao is ok. It could be slightly better, but it’s fine.


yes kill, but only if my team attack, alone this crap guns dont know kill above 4k nothing.

Any oldie who was around when drones (sidekicks) used to rule the battlefield, will tell you the same:
Drones should never be a primary offensive ever again.

There will never be true balance between weapons in XO.
But the worst thing that could happen, would be AI that performs just as well as top weapons just like that horrible period of XO history.

I think your just bad with them. They are the best drones in the game hands down. Drones are designed to be at least a minute amount weaker than all the other weapon types. Some players are absolutely great with them…

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