PVP is an unequal fight

" In most cases, there are vast differences in abilities between players. PvP can even encourage experienced players to immediately attack and kill inexperienced players. PvP is often referred to as player killing in the cases of games which contain, but do not focus on, such interaction. " When will this issue be resolved?


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It won’t be. It’s the same situation in the “World Of…” games. Until mission matching is based on skill or past performance, new players and lower-ability players will always get face-rubbed with sh!t. Just another reason for low player retention.

I thought it was because subs and cvs , and aggressive monetization tactics

When you’re a new(er) player and most of your battles start with you being shredded in the first 30 seconds by experienced seal clubbers, how much of that will you take before calling it quits? My first 6 months in this game were brutal until a player named “drbabypork” built a car for me that actually worked. From that point things started turning around; I could earn more resources and craft stuff.

The same deal happens in the World Of games…most especially in WO Tanks. That game was widely known for its toxicity. There’s a reason why they let you blacklist up to 2,000 (yes two thousand) players. They even had a name anonymizer for people who wanted to remain anonymous during gameplay, so they wouldn’t be harrassed.

is sealclubbing that much of a problem? matchmaking is based on your level (if not other factors) so if youre very new youre gonna play normally until you get to see the game for what it is, at which point you might start getting bullied. but i dont think its wrong that a new player gets beat up by someone with more skill, thats how you get better. the issue is nonexistent balancing, same as the “world of” games (except substantially worse)

Matchmaking is based on Powerscore and Powerscore alone. My second TUTORIAL match that included a real player was a sealclubber. I was at level 2, this guy was well into the HUNDREDS, using fused miniguns at 3k PS.

WoWs ( ships)

Tier I, Black Swan, I was a few weeks into the game, there was a guy there, that sunk me a couple of times, he was good, very good, often in a division. A few years down the road, i saw him once at T8 or something. he didn’t remember me and didn’t do nothing special in that battle ( he didn’t even broke 3 digit score.)
I went to check his stats.
A bunch of premium ships, high tier premium ships, all with low count of battles and thousands of battles in tier I and lower tiers, but specially tier I.

To be fair, IMO, Tier I was the most balance tier of them all, and the closest you will get to what tier X should be, but as you climb in the tech tree the worst things get.
Subs, CVs, aggressive monetization policies.
FFS, as soon as tier 4, cvs reek havoc in a tier where ships don’t have a single pistol as AA to shoot down planes.

noobs like to try nd up their power score then cry cuz they cant compete, just cuz you buy packs, season passes ect doesnt mean your gonna get wins all the time

i tried to play around 1k powerscore and did not get a match after 40 minutes of queue

What makes you think so?

I’ve never gotten the impression that matches were based solely on power-score. They appear to me to be loosely based on power-score, or fundamentaly based on power-scores, but I’ve seen too many anomalies that suggest that there are other factors. I don’t even know if the developers make the claim that power-score is the lone factor in matchmaking.

It’s very broken, if it’s supposed to work that way, and I’d appreciate it if the developers tighten that up somehow, if that is indeed how it’s supposed to work. Some say it’s contingent on player population, and that’s an obvious issue this game struggles with.

I know it does indeed function better with higher numbers of available players.

No one plays 1k PS.

Although me and my friends once tried something dumb. We build cars that were 1,000 PS, 1,500 PS, and 2,000 PS, exactly. Kinda fun, and they were all fusion builds.