PVP: I've fallen...and I can't get up...no, wait a minute

PVP; I used to love that crap. For four years (seems like longer), I played almost nothing but PVP and occasionally raids. I was totally hooked. Thanks to Supercharged 2.0, that habit died a brutal and humiliating death.

They nerfed wheels and speed, and anything else I was enjoying in my inventory, like they had a list of what I liked and purposely ruined it (just because I’m pretty)…then they brought us a variety of omnidirectional movement parts and introduced Camera-Controls. I’ve had a bad year in Crossout.

Now…many, many, lifetimes later, lay destroyed, beaten…beaten down. Only the corpses of rebels
ashes of dreams, and blood stained streets…Hella-choppers. I’m hooked again (but not on PVP).

I’m hypnotized by a combination of the nuances of the flight controls, the “plop-plop-plopping” rhythm of grenade launchers contrasted by their devastating explosions, and the new maps…I’ve been at it for days. It’s all I need (and my coffee). Goodbye PVP. It was fun (on and off) while it lasted.

Now, I don’t need or want organic players ruining my mood and chill ambiance with their cheap tactics, copy/paste rocket pigs, and cheese-box melee that look like somebody dumped their legos into a shoe-box and glued them together however they fell, and instead have become a complete Chopper-Patrol junkie. I can’t stop.

I tried to go back, and jumped into a PVP queue last night with some rat-rod, but compared to the Arcadian bliss I’ve been enjoying, flying my good’ol Thug about the new lush landscapes, playing against cheese-free bots, sans homing-missiles, seal clubs, PTW, and all the other buzz-kill schit that live players bring into PVP, it was no contest. Maybe four years of PVP is enough?

In short; I’m glad to be enjoying Crossout again (it’s been a while), but something needs to be done about PVP, IMO. That schit’s awful. Buff wheels, please, and turn up the speed on my Howl and the Call…or not. I don’t care anymore.

Thanks for the choppers and new maps. Lovin’ it.


‘sounds familiar’ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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When you said Choppers, I thought they had added motorcycles. Good post!

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Hey Doc, stop crying. You’re bringing the room down. I get it, you’re bad. But it isnt all doom and gloom for those of us with usable flanges and thumbs.

I can’t be that bad if I’m getting MVP with art builds.

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was able to try out some game play tonight and I, too, loved the chopper patrols. Degunning bots has never been so smooth and enjoyable.

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I think it’s pretty habit forming. Scrounging for copper is suddenly way more interesting.

I want them to make some raids for these things, and I think the maps they used for the Ravagers events would work great. I’d like the theme to mostly stay as well, but I liked the Ravagers. They could do anything with that scenario, I suppose.

I’m sure they’ll change stuff, and soon, but so far, so good, as far as the flying things go. I feel like PVP is currently in a bad place, but the hella-choppers are a blast.
I’ll get the pass, despite myself and my opinions of it. I didn’t want the GL-55s when I bought them, but I can’t keep my hands off them now, so I realize my own opinions aren’t always worth that much. I like to at least keep them a little flexible…$9.99 isn’t that big of a deal. I want the Duck…and I am playing the schit outta their game, so I’m happy to throw my tribute into the hat.

Hell, maybe I will try a little Missile Command with that new cab…in small doses. IDK.

Poony4u is probably right when he says that the game dynamics could change a lot as this BP rolls along. It’s a game changing update with some game changing content, for sure. We’ll see.

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