QOL improvements for parts

Let’s discuss general quality of life improvements for parts, since we got front facing hovers and legs eventually.

Mandrakes and Heathers: The ability to aim close to your own build or directly on top of it. 95% of all builds using this gun already does that with different sized wheels or using the terrain to do so, so why not just make it possible from the get-go? Everyone is already doing it so why not let flat builds do it too


There’s a number of them I would love to be able to just mirror rotate.

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More 3 block structural pieces. I think there are only 2 (forgot the name, they’re buggy parts.) And maybe a 1x1x1 block structural piece.

Something that’s been brought up before: suspension. The ability to add height to your vehicle.


There are some scab parts too later introductions. We’re really hard up on is 1x3 parts too there is only 2 sets of those. I don’t think we have many 1x4,5’s either… With non-smaller as well…

Letting us use stabilizers to choose a perk when fusing, rather than just locking them so players empty more out of their wallet to the fusion gambling


More gun mount parts of different shapes and sizes
Also, make the steppe parts be much more resilient and have more HP for the weight class they’re in they are lackluster


Reduce the power-score of decor. They could reduce the experience point perk that goes with it too, and I wouldn’t care…hell they could eliminate it entirely, for all I care, but if they wanted to augment experience point accumulation by adding it to crafting, that might make crafting more desirable to some people. Seems like to me, you should gain experience with a faction for using their bench.

Tail lights that cost upwards of PS 20 points seems absurd, as do most of the power-scores for decor.


I would miss it.

Unconditional full reverse speed on wheels and diagonal steering, wheels have the lowest skill ceiling and the least versatility and it makes zero sense that they are limited to being used by dogs or players that want to be the fastest possible player. The cars in 2008 Speed Racer all have all wheel steering which is what I describe. Realistically every logistics vehicle has this; our 50 year old crane has it and runs off a 2 stroke detroit. It needs to be in XO.

I would greatly reduce bloom on non-hitscan weapons and increase cannon turn speed + firing angle size and have their barrel hitboxes take reduced damage. Theres no reason for the ‘sniper’ autocannons to have piss poor bloom or for cannons to have it considering they turn slower and require completely different aim to hitscan.

Guns with barrels occluded in enemies can still fire. Barrelstuffing ought to go.

Spacebar becomes a brake for every movement part in the game including hovers. This can be pressed to deal with any movement bugs on Omnis/Augers or to immediately begin pivot steering with anything that can do so like tracks/augers/omnis/legs.

Tracks have rapid handbrake turns that allow them to flip 180 in half a second

Augers get reverted to as they were 2+ years ago so dual augers are snappy and agile again (add two more augers where front and rear drums are separated and full size for large builds)

All movement parts can have their suspension tuned in the garage so you can pitch your vehicle for more gun depression/elevation without mixing movement parts.

Camera steering is removed however legs gain the ability to pitch and yaw their frames like a limited angle cannon with mouse movement without moving legs. In theory people would aim up when reloading/cooling off to hide their weapons.

TOW gains 3d flight and a tandem warhead perk (explodes twice)

Flute has lasers removed as it is the most high skill weapon in game while also being the most telegraphed, the game handholds you harder when getting shot at by flutes than it does lockon spam which is dumb. Some mounted scopes when used can see flute lasers as they are now infrared.

Power boosts acceleration, currently the only way to increase your acceleration is to increase your speed. (power boosts acceleration but only if you have lost it to begin with by mounting many movement parts, so really it just mitigates loss)

Radar is nerfed and cloaks are made 2 energy again, all problems with cloaks trace back to dopplers/maxwells never getting nerfed. I noticed numerous subtle gameplay differences when they added Dopplers to every vehicle in the Battlefield mode. Its literally passive wallhacks that mandates there be a cloak module.