Question about the hippogriff

is this cabin really as broken as i thought it would be? this cabin is basically a doppler with wall hacks added in. but theres another question to, does the effect stack with the doppler? because when added together their range is…

hippogriff stats:
enemy detection radius: 360m
range of detecting enemies in cover: 320m
recon data transfer zone radius: 360m
mine detection radius: 90m

doppler stats:
enemy detection radius: 450m
range of detecting enemies in cover: 400m
ally information transmission radius: 450m
mine detection radius: 20m

my doppler stats:
enemy detection radius: 450m
range of detecting enemies in cover: 400m
ally information transmission radius: 518m
mine detection radius: 25m

so if we were to add these up it would be a VERY wide area that youd be able to see their cars through walls. does the perk only go to what the CABINS perks are or does it also increase the range due to the dopplers effects as well? cause if thats the case then this cabins going to be VERY broken…

I feel like it would… BUT I feel as if the perk is nearly wasted… if you already have a detector then you already know where people are behind cover within that radar range anyway. Yes it’ll help to identify a build and their parts etc… but you already knew where they were because of the radar and the wallhack doesn’t work on cloak (thankfully)…

It is confirmed. If a Doppler is equipped on this, then the range of the perk increases to the range of detection in cover of the Doppler. It was in a JB Rider video.

There are three situations where this cabin will be overpowered: First, In assisting teams in Clan Wars that don’t have space on their builds for a Doppler. There are many machine gun and autocannon users who never have a good option to contribute to the team’s radar cause. Here, they can.

  1. Wallhacks work extremely well for peeking around corners. On a fast strafing build, you can scope an enemies guns from behind a corner, then strafe into view, already aimed and orientated to the parts you want to hit. This should be extremely helpful for machine gun hovers and this cabin may replace the Beholder as the best machine gun cab.

To make this happen, the cab will need to be re-fused for +power.

  1. Range of detection of mines has never been more than 30 meters, and that’s on the Verifier radar, which isn’t commonly carried. 30 meters only protects the user by pointing out mines near the user. A 90 meter mine detection radius is 10 times larger than a 30 meter mine detection radius and it helps a whole team to avoid mines.
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Machine guns not that much.
The thing you mention here will be a peekaboo delight. Scorpions and tsunami type cannons, some rockets maybe too.
By far scorpion is the bigest recipient here and outright broken curently.

However, be aware that experienced players dont need the wallhack to tell where the enemy is looking, there is an arrow on the minimap that shows which direction you are pointing your vehicle to and thats more than enough usually.
So as long as there is a doppler showing the experienced player your triangle in his minimap, he probably knows where you are looking.
In essence, its helpfull but not some gamechanger on this aspect.

What i am afraid is about stealth, does the perk highlight even vehicles on stealth?
If this is true, this will make huge difference. Maybe even be a gamechanger for dog builds.