Question. Cannon/turret cannon/plasma gun daily challenge

What “plasma gun” can be used for this?
I have a Quasar which is listed as a “Plasma Gun.” It’s good for the challenge.
However, the Synthesis “Plasma Emitter” is not.

What other PLASMA weapons can be used for this challenge? I usually aim for the 40 daily challenges, but hate cannons and hate the Quasar. Any help?

I seem to remember Blockchain, and maybe Assembler count too? Or did count at some point. Tho both weapons are crap.

Pulsar is also a plasma gun. You can use an “Avenger 57mm” cannon for Patrol to complete the 5 cannon wins.

Quasar, Pulsar, Assembler.


Blockchain, Destructor, Trigger, Synthesis don’t count.
Bizarrely, the Assembler, an “electric weapon” does.

Those are the ones I’ve tested so far.

It’s just a cannons challenge. Only the pulsar line is a plasma gun. So that’s quasars and pulsar. Nothing else. It’s just Devs trying to clarify what can be used in the canon challenge.

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What about Yokai?

It’s a rocket launcher. If you can Beleive that… Lolz.

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Also Kaiju, despite being a weapon listed as Cannon, DOES NOT suit for that task. But PULSE cannons was not listed in first place. Unfortunately.

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Yeah they def need to add kaiju to the cannon challenge.

So… after a couple of months… I had an Assembler from a previous something. A season, perhaps. Anyhoo… I started building a rig with the assembler and argument since they have very similar gameplay characteristics. You “charge” the weapons for an identical length of time getting a more accurate and stronger shot. I hadn’t played with it much prior to discussing this issue.

After a little practice, I’ve discovered the Assembler is awesome. Charge it up & it’s among the best sniper weapons. Unlike the cannons & other sniper style weapons, if you don’t charge it, it has an immediate reload time & can be used very effectively in close combat. The argument is pretty much the same. With the combo, I repeatedly am getting MVP, something I couldn’t imagine pulling off a couple of months ago.

So, I’m slowly working towards crafting a second Assembler…