Question on fire rate

im a bit confused at this but does fire rate also contribute to reload time?
i have a gravastar, one fused for fire rate and two unfused. the fused one seems to cool down faster and fire alot quicker… so… how does this work in terms of a reloading weapon like the fortune? does it just make the fortunes fire faster?
or am i imagining things when it comes to cooling down quicker on the gravastar?
because sometimes it cools down faster, other times its the same speed.
i gotta experiment with these a bit…
but yeah for things like fortunes though how would that work exactly? i know projectile speed speeds up the projectile when its launched… but firing speed… does it just come out of the launcher faster then normal speed like the gravastar does?

fire rate contributes to the rate of fire, which means at what interval the bullets come out. it doesnt affect reload or cool speed

ah ok that makes more sense. no wonder my gravastars fire so damn fast, its like someone gave them a bag of sugar lol. im curious though as to how that would look on fortunes because they already fire pretty fast… or well fast enough.

the 25% fire rate fuse given to fortunes would look pretty normal since the fire rate got nerfed recently

It does cause the reload to START later or SOONER, it affects it by proxy. The 20% rate of fire nerf for fortunes means that it will reload 20% later.

I also have rate of fire +15% fused retchers and they overheat hat 15% faster. It’s the price you pay.

wait what? since when did the fire rate get nerfed? i thought it was just the reload speed that got nerfed?

true but it also means you deal damage alot quicker at the expense of a quicker reload / cooldown time.

ah no wonder its random. i want to fuse my gravastars for fire rate to have them all firing at the same speed. hopefully i can do that in the future.

i thought the reload speed was the only thing that got nerfed? did the fire rate get nerfed as well? and whered you see that at that it got its fire rate nerfed?

@Zarrurer Fire rate.