Question regarding Gaijin account's deletion

Hey guys. Here I am, asking you a question, one more time. I wish I didn’t have to, but Gaijin’s support is clearly not able to handle english so there’s that.

I recently accidentally created a Gaijin account. Accidentaly as in, Gaijin fraudulently created me an account when I DLed the Hardened free pack with my Steam login. They did not ask me for a mail, login or password, they didn’t ask for any confirmation. I just DLed the Hardened pack and got a surprise mail telling me they were happy I made a Gaijin account and that they’d now spam the shit out of me with ad mails. I’m so happy about the situation.

Anyway, having no need whatsoever for a Gaijin account or more ads in my mailbox, I wrote to the support. My post was in essence “hey guys, if I delete my Gaijin account, will it delete my XO account?”. The answer I got from support was something like “please speak slow and draw arrow towards account that needs deleted.” (the russian accent has been faked, google trad does not have any google accent)

fucking long and tired sigh

So guys, does anyone here knows if it’s safe to delete my Gaijin account, knowing that I always played XO through Steam?

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I also hate advertising emails.

But wouldn’t it be safer to block their email with your email client or mark the “remove me from mailing” thing in your account?

I would just hate to advise to delete the account if it messes up your main game account.

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I mostly hate when someone holds my hand and makes me sign shit (^%. Heard it’s k, I’ll probably yolo it, and if it fails, screw this game shrugs

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