Question: When was the last time a newly added item was made permanently craftable to anyone?

Last one i remember was the Arbirter, but im not sure.
What im sure of, its that after that, all of the newly added items cannot be made by everyone.
Ie, their are either only craftable by few people that were in the time those items were added or by limited blueprint items.

Shouldn’t this be really bad for the New player experience?, some of these items include Special rarity items that cannot be crafted by new players and now their only way to be obtained ie, buying is getting harder as said items are now ingredients for newer items.

What are your thoughts on the subject?
PS: pls dont burn my house.

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it’s their long-run attempt to bring the market under control. If there are actually rare items, items that only a few can craft, then, at some point, the market won’t be dictated by meta weapons but, rather, by actual rare items.

Pretty sure the last BP where we got stuu to craft was…

Wait, do you mean recipes to unlock like in the old BPs, or plain “hey we give this to all you guys!” stuff? Because that’s soooo long ago xD

They don’t need any of this, they just shaft one relic and buff another every year. The huge amounts of coins involved mean the rest of the market is pretty much useless as a coin sink.

It’s more like, their attempt to force people to go back to XO every day like drug addicts to be sure they don’t miss anything important. Typical f2p crap. “Oh you spent Xmas with your family instead of grinding our game 8 hours/day? Too bad you don’t get that super-duper premium thingie”


Spot on.

I don’t think the devs really care about “getting the market under control.”

What you described is NOT unique to XO in any way. Virtually every free to play game uses these tactics now. The Devs are just playing cards from the industry’s playbook.

“Decor” or “appearance” seasons…
Crosscrowns… (renaming & trapping real money)
Time-limited access to items…
Multiple currencies in game…

Name a F2P game without these & I’ll show you a game developer who doesn’t know how to make money.

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Yep, I agree. Leage of Legends had a pretty fair f2p model tho, and they made tons of money. I think it was more efforts and investments than running XO or War Thunder tho

speaking as a 7 year sober person who lived 30 years with a raging drug addiction, no, it’s not like that at all.

Big companies do hire psychology PhDs since a decade or so scpecifically to design ingame shops, lootboxes, BPs, and all those shiny buttons in free to pay games to make em addictive. It’s not a big conspiracy theory, the job offers are all around the web.

If you wish to completely dismiss my life experience in order to keep your conspiracy held tightly together…you’re messing with the wrong person.

'm not dissing your life experience, I just don’t need lessons on addictions, grew up with an heroin addict and an alcoholic, I see exactly what it does to people.
I also got a coworker who’s dumping a solid half of his paycheck in horse races and soccer bets every month, and that’s just as much an addiction as being a drug addict. Does the same thing to your brain’s reward circuit (fuck it up).

Now we could argue that the cost of being addicted to a poison is different than the cost of being addicted to dumping money in casinos and lootboxes if you want to, I’d definitely agree.

dissing and dismissing are 2 completely different words. I said “dismiss” and yes you are. Moving on. You’re also misconstruing the point of my comment. I WAS a 30 addict. sober now 7 years. this game does not trigger any of my addictive behaviors. I may be just one but I am real and representative that your idea of how it all works is, quite possibly, wrong. very wrong.

It was a mistake on my part, I’m not a native and sometimes mess up words or use a similar sounding one. Mean’t dismissing obviously, sorry for the confusion.

I’m smoking weed since 15 years and my brain erupts when I open a can of coke after 1 month without sugar, this game doesn’t trigger any of my addictive tendencies either. Never been into bets, I’m more of a druggie myself. Which is why I stay away from the hardcore stuff -___-
(before anyone tells me rats go for sugar > coke any chance they get, I’m trying to go easy on that one, okay? :’^) )

okay, so by your own admission, then, why spout something you know not to be true? (that’s a rhetorical question).

Addicts act like addicts, it doesn’t matter what game they play XO or not. Sobering up from addiction is hard and getting lost in a game just makes it harder. But, fact is, the game and it’s developers are not the source of the addicts problems. Ergo, do not deserve to be blamed or talked about like that.

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People have different kinds of addictions. Slot junkie can not have a drop of any drink in their life and vice versa. Personal experience does not yield ultimate knowledge.

But that off-topic anyway, since XO is not about addictions. It’s greed and desire “to have this one thing that no one else will have”.

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So, one person’s addiction is not another’s… for example, I can have a beer any day of the week and have zero addictive desires to have another. My brother, however, cannot… He can’t even be around it without going on a bender.

What is addictive to one is not addictive to another.

I don’t mean to take sides, but Clebardman is right, and don’t believe he means any offense… the serotonin hits and other psychological effects from things like gaming are very real. And, the industry does, in fact, employ professionals who specialize in tweaking the games to cater to the addict. This is very common in simple games for your phone.

No, it’s not the same as a drug addiction in that there’s not a direct chemical agent effecting the body, but the addictions are still very real.

You can do some quick reading by looking up the effects gaming has on dopamine and serotonin production in the brain & the addictive nature of it.

Fascinating things can be found by looking into the Psychology of Free to Play Games. You’ll see just about every trick in the book employed by CrossOut.

This is part of why I refuse to buy CrossCrowns… they’re a direct and intentional manipulation of the player-base… especially the less intelligent/sophisticated.

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Its not addiction what is trigger, its FOMO. People who compare the fear of missing a item in BP with RL addiction are kinda sad.

Seriously, guys… research the video game addiction data.

It’s an addiction.

I’m not talking about buzzfeed garbage, but actual psychological journals.

On the flipside of that, virtually every developer of F2P games is manipulating addicts and non-addicted people alike.

It’s the Joe-Camel of the video game world.