Questions about "Closed circle" hubcap to developers

Hello! There are a lot of questions open about the new hubcap “Closed circle” you can get if you find the favourite drone.
For now we get no awnser from the devs about it.
So i collected some question and hope at least one of the developers can awnser it!

  1. Was the drone limited or is it still available? (after hundrets of matches with no drone i doubt that its available)
  2. Is the favourite drone a 4th drone that come after you collect the other 3 drones? Or can you ignore the normal ones?
  3. Can only one player see the favourite drone when it comes? Or can everyone in a match see it? /collect it?
  4. Do we need to have a special score like top 3 or first place to see the drone?
  5. Do the normal and favourite drone spawn at the same time or one after another? (I saw often 2 drones from the start even 3 sometimes got fast found. But other matches there are drones at places there was no drone the minute bevore 100%. So they spawned in middle of the match.
  6. Some matches seems to have only 2 drones even 5 players search the whole map several times there was no 3rd drone until the end of the match. Why is it like this? Sometimes 3 and sometimes 2?
  7. Why you put a sidequest in the game that everyone can see but noone can get? Its not a secret. I go to “six frags” Calligari and he tell everyone. So why you do only 0,8% chance? Whanna keep the players only buisy for nothing?
  8. How high is the chance to find the favourite drone?
  9. Did you already checked if there is a bug? Cause many players are sure that they already found the favourite drone but get no reward for it.

Those are good questions, i hit today already 80 games, apart those from last days (together it will be about 300) and i dont find it. I hope they will answer at this questions.

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Thx. Today someone found it and told me that he found it without taking any other drone. He told me that it was on one of the 8 spots where the favourite drone can spawn. In this case D8. He had a few score already but idk if this is important. He found it like under 1 min. So it should be spawn from the start. That means we have to go in a match, search the spots C8, D8, F8, H8, H6/5, E6, D5 and F4 and if there is no drone we can go out and start the next match.

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All great questions and an awesome post. BUT Just in case you didn’t know, the dev team does not read the posts or post in this forum.

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But they should! How to reach them or how to send them a link to this post so they can read it? On Dc? Maybe someone can send it to one of them. Not much time left. They should know that hundrets of players grind theyr booty off 24/7 and still not get it.


Of course they should.

You pretty much have to post on the Russian forum or Russian social.

They used to interact with us a lot.

But Since the start of a curtain military operation started…. Hmmm, I’ll leave it at that. You have to walk on eggshells.

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Balloon drone spawn rates are way too low // // Issues

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I am starting to think it’s named the “Closed circle” because it’s only available to a closed circle lmaooooo

It just occurred to me that maybe us spending time in the brawl reduces server load, in which case it would be convenient for Gaijin not to let us find the balloon drone too soon.

  1. There’s a limited set of vehicles to choose from per brawl, so you can see, e.g., 4 of the same vehicle driving around. Which would mean fewer part types being loaded.
  2. The derpy vehicles drive slower, so maybe slightly less processing power is used for updating that.
  3. There’s less shooting because some are focused on looking for drones.
  4. Just one map means it’s lighter on the servers and queue times are shorter.

I don’t know how exactly all this server stuff works, but perhaps players doing brawls instead of regular PvP saves Gaijin money. That in addition to events with brawls serving to keep new players logged in and increase the probability of them buying a pack or a BP. This is the main reason they’ve been throwing us these events with brawls since sometime Q3 2021. And the free starter packs with special-tier items.

How could the developers not know how hard it would be to find the drone, if they set the parameters themselves? Finding it is so insanely hard, it may well be for a reason. No way they weren’t getting reports about this halfway through the event. There would have been a lot of feedback from Russian players, which would have only been ignored on purpose. Maybe they wanted to make that probability 8%, but Gaijin ordered them to lower it.

That’s why they’ll be following up with a month-long event with brawls that they just announced. To keep new players engaged and reduce server load. :unamused: And that crossplay we’re supposed to get this year - it clearly is about downsizing, after they reduced console teams to 6. I’d at least hope that would mean bringing voice chat back to the PC version, but that won’t happen. It’ll be separate markets, possibly one general chat (which I know would be a disaster, after recently seeing a screenshot of the console chat), and VC only for the consoles. And maybe tweaking/nerfing PC gameplay so we wouldn’t have too much of an advantage against console players. At least console players will have teams of 8 again.

The upcoming 30-day brawl event will be similar to the 14-day one from January, except the brawls will be changing every other day and not daily. As if the developers decided it’ll be enough to keep the kids busy. More mileage out of a similar amount of content, and it’ll save them money and buy some time. In January, many players wanted those new mini-brawls to stay permanently anyway, so that’s not a problem. But it could be an example of a larger pattern that’s emerging: economizing. Which isn’t bad in itself, but in some particular aspects, could bring changes for the worse, such as the potential multifarious consequences of merging PC ans console matchmakers and communities. Is Crossout doing so poorly as to require resorting to a salvaging mode? Players with an aversion to being challenged replacing hardcore grinders and fighters, and the developers adjusting the game to the special needs of the new recruits could be a sign of that already happening, since Q3 2021, at the latest. How far are they willing to go in this new direction? It could be a (further) downward spiral for Crossout.

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I already completed the entire event, I will no longer play looking for ghosts :balloon: :balloon: :balloon:

Well…who could know that we can buy it now. That was realy not a nice move from devs to act like its super uniqe and not tradable ofc.

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With the crazy amount of screenshots I take, I was able to document that the hubcap had price fluctuations since May 6… while being untradeable. :face_with_monocle:
An exhibition piece by PAINSAW. The screenshot is from 2022.05.21, just as the ones below.

Who was doing the trading? On June 2, the trading chart for 2 weeks prior was reset to a line, as if there had been no price fluctuations. The screenshots below were taken after the Brawl Festival update.

What does it all mean?
If the hubcap wasn’t tradeable before the Crossout Day event ended (or before the Brawl Festival update), how did the price fluctuations happen? Was bidding possible? Why would that be?
What caused the price to start dropping on May 19 from around C 1300 to around C 300 2 days later?
Was someone able to make profit before June 2?
Is there some Russian connection I’m missing?

They never said anything about bringing 8v8 back to consoles, I kinda feel like if the do go cross platform it’ll be sony and microsoft…no PC

With how few people seem to have gotten these hubcaps and the ability to trade them, I get the feeling that these were not as available to all players as it was lead to be believed