Quick Question, how do I display my battle pass number on the Crossout event donut banner?

For some reason I have the option to showcase the “Polar lights” banner with the pass number but Not the “Crossout Day” donut banner.

What did I do? I must of did something because I see other players have their numbers displayed within the donut on the banner.

If anyone can help explain real quick I’d appreciate it, thanks in advance.

the donut banner shows years played


But… i see first timers using the banner with numbers… also, some numbers go well over the year the game was made…

thats odd , my donut says 1 it will show 2 when november comes around

its only supposed to show years played

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I might be confused, I’m about to play so I’ll check again.

Maybe I just thought I saw a larger number or a first timer.

i think tomorrow marks 6 years since release so noone should have more than that

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Yeah, I was sure I saw numbers in the double digits but I could be wrong.

8 years.

open beta was released may 30 2017

Here’s last years reward, note that its marks the 7th year. so this year would be 8.


im just looking at what multiple sources are telling me

and its besides the point of the topic anyway

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yeah i know, i just want to feel relevant :slight_smile:


I’ve played and have only seen single numbers below 6 or 7, you must be right. I don’t know what I was seeing. Thanks

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ya i only seen 5…not 6 yet…here’s mine…



We have 4 accounts. They all appear correct. One at 5, one at 4, and the others 3.

Ya, I think you’re confusing the number of years played (which is what this doughnut banner displays) with the level reached in a particular battle-pass faction related banner, which is what the other banners display. This one is an anniversary banner. The other banners that display a number, display a number that represent levels reached within their respective factions. This one is different.

My doughnut banner says I started four years ago. I’m almost certain I’ve been playing longer than that, but whatever. Maybe not. I can’t tell. My memory is…enigmatic, thanks to pigs and quacks.

FTP and PHDs too.

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Yeah, that’s what I orginally had thought because I thought I saw double digits… aha I was high so maybe that had a part to play haha


Under our profiles, under Medals, under Missions is participate in a Mission against live players and that will have a date. That date would be very close to your start date.

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