Quick question

Is it possible for bots to have fused weapons/modules/cabins? Just wondering.

And if not… should they?

they r bots,they don’t play by the same rules as us.
they don’t get fused they get their numbers increased for damage/health/Armour ect.
have ever played GTA on pc and go into the file where u can make your car go infinity mph and make it not take damage?

same thing here,just like i said in another thread,bots don’t need radar to see you.

If you talk about PvP bots, they have “fair” builds without fusions. A bit too fair for some of them that have horrible design mistakes. They could probably have fusions but I don’t think that’s a good idea. Fused cannons for projectile speed with a perfect aim seem a bit too much.
If you talk about PvE bots, as MudnBeer said they have strange statistics. Some have parts that don’t even exist for players (like the repair drone), their weapons don’t use the normal rules (quasars that use the old quasar speed, mammoths that show their target with a laser sight, incendiary weapons with a smaller puddle size…) and I think it’s the same for their armor even if it’s less visible (wrong number of HP on certain parts). Fusions in that case wouldn’t make sense as their weapons can have whatever statistics the devs want anyway.

I could be completely insane, but doesn’t the little star under the weapon name mean it’s fused?

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Been thinking that too, but I found out it isn’t. That star is always there, I spectate a player and check his profile to find his weapons aren’t fused.

Sorry having battery issues on my mouse and keyboard. I think it does, I’ve tried speculating too but it doesn’t always seem to match. Most of the times when I tried chasing it they had already switched builds though.

Then what’s the point of it? It must have a purpose (and I’ve seen some without the star…)