Quit being angry about the absence of crossplay

Alright, you all are going to be angry. But crossplay isn’t as simple as you might think. There are a lot of inconsistencies between different versions, the main ones being parts. There are some parts available on certain platforms, some available on others. Mostly it’s decor, but some platforms have their own cabins that other versions don’t (I’m looking at you, Crossout China.) Consistency has to be added in order to allow crossplay (which is why PS and Xbox can’t have a shared market).

I’m not particularly bothered by the absence of crossplay…I doubt it could really work between consoles and pc.

PC has more controls (keyboard)…a relative of mine switched to the PC version from playstation because PC gave him better control options. The console players would probably be at a disadvantage against pc players.

Quit being angry at players you tell not to be angry at some insignificant feature LockmahnYT only you seem to care about.:face_with_spiral_eyes:

I’ve just had a number of people (both in the forums and in game) complain about how the Devs will never add crossplay. Then they did it for Xbox and PlayStation, and a number of people complained that PC wasn’t included.

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“Quit being angry”

“Alright, you are all gonna be angry”

“Inconsistencies…main ones being parts.”

We get it, you’re a troll who has no clue what he’s talking about.

‘Said the Trollmaster’.

Parts are inconsistent though

Sheesh, you had to edit twice for that? How bad was the rough draft? :roll_eyes:

Not really. You think xbox players games crash when a playstation player joins the battle with a unique-to-playstation ‘Pinwheel’ decor?

I think OP was referring to drones when he talked about parts inconsistencies. it’s not very relevant tho, because drones on consoles have been nerfed into oblivion because they aim better than the average console gamer with a stick. The moment we get full crossplatform, drones will be the last problem for most stick pushers. A very, very insignificant problem compared to the hordes of angry strafing MG m&k tryhards lol.

Its because of the quote bug on the forum DHawk, im sure you ran into it sometimes.