Quoting players on the forum

And not seeing the text you selected and quoted in your message, just 1 little orange pen icon on your post signifying an edited post with only your text and not the text you quoted when you never edited it.
Something needs to be fixed here in the forum code because clearly it is broken.

This forum is dogshit let’s be real

with the brown shit color it seems to appears so
( btw i tried to quote you but the forum failed me again )


This forum seems to be little edited Discourse forum

Where there you can see history even of someone edits, so they configured it own way.

As i noticed here, you can quote someone, but if quote is first and you reply to same post of quote, then quote is missing and edit post. Didnt test on other Discourse forums, but maybe its same there.

Discourse example: https://try.discourse.org/

when it does that,hit enter on your first line of text to drop it down 1 or 2 lines then clik on top empty line above what you wrote and go re quote again and it will show up now… :saluting_face:


quoting seems to work for me

Type at least one word first.

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I know that, never said i do not know. Just explained what happends when you just quote+reply without anything before.
Also MudnBear said that just above you, so idk from where you took this conclusion to repeat knowledge and just to me.

So if some Person1 say “you cant shit on street”
and you Person2 say “you can go public toilet” like you took conclusion the Person1 didnt knew that.

Thanks for info, but it was very obvious info for me(since i already did that many times) and anyway already was told just 1 post above to everyone who dont know.


Actually, he said to hit enter and skip a few lines.
I said to just write something.
Two different things to achieve the same purpose.

But if you think it’s the same thing. then more power to you.

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Your input has been very helpful friends, i will try it next time i quote people.