R-37-39 adapter bugs

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Are you using Hadron not hard-on dammit? It distributes reloading time equally between all weapons (minus revolvers), thus increasing reloading time for weapons with faster reload.

i tested with hadron omni box and other cabins that dont effect reload , and all of them have fire rate greatly reduced when you pair one of the mentioned weapons with adapter

how bizarre all of a sudden its working right , last night it would be like 2 seconds between bursts

i think something happened where the hadron calculation was carrying to other cabins last night , because now thats the only cabin i see it on

Just tested it with a humpback, no wheels, modules, engines etc…
2 Adapters & each of the weapons you mentioned…
No change. :man_shrugging:

yea it seems to have cleared itself up , last night i was comparing omnibox and hadron with reload modules just to see where it capped and every cabin i tried after hadron had a slow fire rate , but today its just the hadron

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