R.I.P. Old Forum 4/5/2022

post your condolences here…


Out with the old. In with the older


It would have been nice if this had actually been an improvement.

This is a crummy looking web page presently. It doesn’t even have a real header. I do like the darker background, but that’s the only thing so far that I’ve seen as anything other than a massive quality downgrade. Instead of being pleasantly surprised by this “improvement”, it looks like I re-spawned during the genesis of the internet. Maybe it’ll get better?
I guess I’ll get used to it…or not. I don’t get the impression they GAF. They want us using social media apparently. I’ve been there and done that, and I’m not mingling with that ever again.
I don’t know why any Russian would want to support the Reddit platform, either. That’s bizarre, IMO. I’ll not be patronizing any social media. I can’t stand even brief glimpses of that universe, so I hope things improve here, and what we see here today is just the ground-floor of an actual improvement yet to evolve.
A lot of their updates are initially difficult to tolerate and commonly not well received, but make more sense as time goes by…or is that just the frog being boiled maybe? IDK.
They should at least put a proper Crossout graphic up for a header. That’d be a good start, I think.
I’ll try to be patient, but I’m not a frog.
This looks like a discouraging development so far. I hope it gets better.


I think youre already boiled and still arent realizing it

Все мои сообщения личные удалили этих разрабов не исправить даже форум испоганили


You can still find it all here. They didn’t delete it.

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