Radar map and dead players

Dead players should be able to pick up points by helping allies by point them out on the maps.

This would give players a reason to stick around.

I could see an issue of miss leading players occurring to screw a team you don’t like but you could measure around the enemies for accuracy for that.

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Kind of a "From the grave " perk Only available after a certain level achieved in the engineers, Say level 30 & above? Available from crafting like the repair kit’s with a limited amount of time of use per battle as it would expire until another was crafted? Having to craft the perk with a per battle use would hopefully discourage any disinformation from anyone being salty.

In a way, this sort of exists.
If I die early after damaging a bunch of parts, I can see my score increasing as my allies finish destroying those parts.
So if I stick around and help them by flagging where the enemy is hiding, I get more points.

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This is a bad idea that would result in all dead players spamming map callouts just to gain extra points.


You’re not looking at all the angles…this could be a new weapon. Upon destruction, you rematerialize as a ghost, floating around the field. You suddenly pop up in an enemy’s passenger seat, make some crazy face at him, and say “BOO” which scares the shit out of him, making him lose control of his car and weapons for maybe 5-10 seconds. The possibilities are endless.


its called ’ Spectator’ and u can chat to ur team,thats as good as it will get…lucky we have that,they might take that away too… :rofl:

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That really would depend on how they score it, if spamming would actually work or not. Half the team is often bots too so at most maybe 3 dead players tagging the map at once if they care to.

Honestly spamming would still irk me less still then watching the same player drive past the same enemy 3 times in a row that is hiding behind a rock as the clock ticks down.

yeah great idea - “premium ammo” - it could come at an exorbitant crafting cost or 1 crosscrown. it could help people think about “supporting” the game. endlessly shitty possibilities.

it really seems like youre completely unable to think through these ideas from the two relevant points of view. the side youre ignoring: how awesome would it be to get stunlocked by some dead turd who spent ressources/more than likely money to cripple you without any way to defend against it?

5s (10s lmao) stunlock means youre stripped. just because his dumb ass is dead and because he paid for it.

or maybe they could introduce the anti gear to this. pay exorbitant amounts of ressources/money to not get stunlocked by some dead turd who spent a little less money to stunlock you. awesome gameplay!

i think this idea comes from the misconception that you could help people to play better and that they dont just because they dont get your help. its a main character issue, classically ignoring the issue that everybody thinks theyre the main character.

when in reality people dont care and are mad and angry and in no mood to play as a team. definitely not listen to you, because youre the idiot whos already dead.

Can’t tell if they are doing one or the other but I wouldn’t say it’s a misconception.

:roll_eyes: So elegantly phrased… A simple reply without your overly dramatic response & insulting remarks would have been sufficient.

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Dude ! Enough with the insulting remarks! Fact “Voices from the grave” are already available without cost by using battle chat.

  1. Who ever pays attention to Chat in the heat of battle?

  2. How many players actually have the battle chat function turned off?

  3. So your blowing this discussion out of proportion is Foley

We used to do this with our mics. Not many people using them anymore.

you know, those other guys mostly dont want to listen to others because they think they know better since theyre still alive. gamers are lonely, lonely people have a hard time listening to others because theyd rather speak themself. gamers are insecure, they want to lead, not be lead.

thank you. it irks me when people have ideas where they can only imagine themselves in the cool position, without realizing theres an opposite side to it too.

call it projection, but my point is people dont want to listen to dead guys, because dead guys are already dead. they mostly think dead guys are idiots for already being dead.

i think people on this forum are looking for advice on improving their game. call me a stick in the mud :rofl:
but you roll in here picking apart ‘people instead of the game’
maybe focus more on the game then the real life people that play it?

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mupppet42069 If there was a black list function on the forum, You would be on my list. You are far too harsh with your approach and it would behoove you to tone it down a little . No need to be nasty, Its a video game & is supposed to be fun. Differences in opinions arise constantly on the forum . As constructive critique is necessary . No need for the drama. BTW, when I mentioned “so elegantly phrased” It was sarcasm not a compliment… :crazy_face:

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im not really seeing that.

this function exists, ask “il dottore”, if you want to become a cyberbully too. you have my permission, as this is a safe space.

thats quite backhanded of you, but i had a hunch.

anyways, got anything on the matter? because i think i made a strong case. most suggestions on this forum are of the type: gamers are the worst game devs period.

unable to to look at the bigger picture, simply suggesting little tid bits which sound kind of cool for 5s. so im hoping to promote more thought through ideas.



Beautiful pic.
I am going to remember those words and use them on other sites to look cool :sunglasses:

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