Radiance battlepass is a SCAM

How on earth can you sell a battlepass and fail to deliver what was advertised!?!
Every normal battlepass or even a normal product, you get what you pay for, and in this battlepass it was shown that you can collect Iris modules to craft Millers and use said Millers to craft a Omamori.
You need 5 Millers for a Omamori and yet you are only able to get a total of 3 from buying and playing the battlepass.

This is a scam by definition!
Give us the opportunity to collect the Iris modules through challenges that was promised!



If you say so little buddy, but I got everything that was advertised

No you don’t.

As you allready read it on my post.


Don’t tell me what I got cuz I got everything on that 36 lvl BP and then some, maybe play the tasks daily … I actually got the lvl 36 reward 4 times by leveling up … :clown_face:

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So you paid.

Because everyone not paying extra level got 2 iris (level 37) + the first one “offered” with the vehicule lvl1.

Your point? I bought the pass and got everything that I was supposed to!
No need for this :dog: and :horse: show

Five iris though. Thats enough to craft one miller. No ones getting omamori without buying levels.

People are being huge crybabies about it yes. But its a shady move on the devs part.


Where does it say that you’re guaranteed to be able to craft a certain amount of :poop: you can craft more then 1 miller with 5 iris are you trying to be funny?

I can confirm that the Radiance Battlepass is still borked. I can’t go up levels and/or earn more irises. Can Gaijin at least tell us ‘acknowledged, we are working on a fix?’


Do I have to do everything for you’s

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This addresses the uneven cycling of challenges that we saw in weeks before. It has NOTHING to do with what this thread is addressing. Must I learn to read for you?

Firstly, I love your avatar.

Secondly, I think the inability to earn more of the Iris Modules is the fix.

No, most of us got 3 Iris, because of the change they made with the timer.

Perhaps you should check those crafting recipes bud.

You can blow on my flute Mr. Alabama

I don’t do much crafting over the teal rarity for arts anymore, I don’t find putting in 800 coins in resources to sell a part for 450 coins, I normally buy it from those who do craft em

I have to agree with Kamakrazee_Mike. I am super pissed to learn you’d have to buy up some levels to both finish the pass and get any real qty of Iris for crafting. I feel pinned into buying Crosscoin that I didn’t expect to have to buy in order to do this. Buying up levels should be for players wanted to instantly jump ahead or craft epic and legendary parts imo. Overall, I felt the value of the Radiance Pass was well worth it but it stings to later realize you’ll need to put in more to achieve what you “thought” was included to begin with.

Also, I did end up dropping max amt of real dollars on Crosscoins so it worked Gaijin. But I’m not happy about it, hence my time typing the words you are hopefully reading at this very moment.

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I don’t think that is the case. I didn’t buy any levels, finished the pass, and earned three extra Iris modules, each selling for what, 270 coins? I crafted a Miller.

I didn’t think I missed any challenges but it is possible I guess. I was not going to make it and since yesterday or day before it states no additional challenges available which sucks. I’m just sharing my experience and I didn’t make it despite grinding daily and doing ‘nearly’ every single Radiance challenge.

I also crafted some Millers, they are badass.

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Good to hear. I’m looking forward to trying them out, but haven’t yet.

When they announced there was going to be no more challenges, I still had a bunch of those minor 350 point challenges left over. It was grindy but enough to finish the pass and earn a few Iris Modules. Most of the pass I completed without even noticing. You should take a closer look. I really don’t see how anybody could manage to not be able to finish the pass due to not enough challenges. Not having enough time to do it in is another story, but it’s still active last time I checked.