Raid configuration diversity

A lot of other weapons do pretty well, if you want variety. From the top of my head (not relics): Incinerators, some machine guns and miniguns, half of autocannons, Helioses.

Fused Punisher x 2, fused spectre, and a fused sinus with a radiator on an Aggressor tower build will outscore a retcher player 100% of the time if im using it. Just saying. The Retcher isnt the best, its the easiest.

Unless youre pinpoint accurate. Then the MG tower is best and easiest.

I hate raids, but when I play them I don’t use Retchers. (And I own fused Retchers)

Also I am highly against balancing the game based on PvE.

They need to redo how rewards work in raids, not nerf weapons.

i love raids, i always do it