Raid configuration diversity

Again, with the available data it is impossible to balance weapons in raids unless the raid has the same number of people and behaves like a human, which is impossible, a simple and obvious example, in pvp the Catalina can reach 10 times quite rarely, but in pve the Catalina will easily reach 10 times and last most of the time, resulting in the Catalina being the The best raid cabin, I won’t go into other examples, There is a separate balance for raids that will make the game a much better experience for players, at what cost? Please give me reasons not to support this

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Every time pve this I get bothered by this, but I’ve told the developers this many times in suggestions, I don’t know what I should do, I always realize that using missiles slows down my teammates and performs worse with lower rewards, it doesn’t make me happy, I’m tired of playing retcher, I’ve played almost 10,000 games of raids with it, but, so developers, please

Nobody is interested in raiding?

Dude, build something else that can take 1st and youll forget all about the retchers. An inverted MG tower build that pops wheelies when you smash the gas always made me feel great when i actually raided. With good aim, you kill 1/3 of the bots before a retcher kid can even land 1 grenade on them.

Most people hate raids. They just want the most efficient build possible so they can survive and/or get the most points for resources.

From my perspective: The devs are hell-bent on making raids as miserable as possible.

Thanks for the advice, but I’ve tried, I’ve used almost every weapon in the game to play the raid, and from the efficiency retcher is always the highest, even if the most efficient machine gun: arbiter and m39

If the weapons are balanced in the raid, the rarer the weapon will have better ability in the raid, and the developers should not make the raid bad in order to make money

i thought you were talking to yourself,i wanted to see where this goes. :crazy_face:

i just run upgraded maces in easy raid and when the big ps’s come in(retchers too) i’m still mostly in 1st place. :rofl:

Easy difficulty raid? Those enemies are less sturdy than paper,I think yaoguai is the best for them, but I don’t mean easy raids, but medium or hard

is this topic about you wanting 1st place in raids? because i’m confused now.
basically any weapon that does deal fast heavy damage will get more points,be fast ,keep shooting,get your hands dirty,
start the dam generator :rofl:

Not exactly, I mean I want to get first with weapons that are not good at pve,It’s too easy for me to take first place when I use the retcher, as I said, I’ve used it for 10,000 raids

Unfortunately, they’re not. Some weapons just aren’t suitable for multiple small enemies swarming the players.

My theory is that the devs use the long grind and boring/frusterating PVE events to temp the players to consider buying premium to shorten the grind, or to buy a pack to get the shiny new toy.

If the weapons are balanced, weapons have their own characteristics is a certain, but the problem is that weapons in the raid is not balanced, retcher for all situations can get the first

Oh, that’s what you mean

well that will never happen,you wanna bring a knife to a gun fight? :rofl: :crazy_face:

Retchers inflict heavy damage, but they’re hard to use because their slow projectile velocity. Players have adapted to mitigate the problem. They either practiced a lot with them, fused them, or use them as improvised shotguns.

It’s annoying to see retcher and porc players hog all of the points, but I eventually stopped caring and just wanted to get it over with.

I stopped playing raids because they’re not worth my time anymore.

Yes, you are more determined than I am, and I hope other weapons can get extra abilities in raid mode to match retcher

I’m less concerned about the Retcher dominating, and more concerned about making raids better. The Devs keep increasing the difficulty, but not the reward for completing them.

ya,that’s because the players complained the raids are too easy,now they complain they raids are too long…go figure… :crazy_face:

It’s natural, players want higher returns for less effort, but developers don’t want that

Hurricane and retcher are both legendary weapons and deserve to have similar efficiency
I don’t want too many weapons to be wasted in the raid, as if the raid only had a few weapons
The weapons already exist and it’s easy to make them actually appear in the raid by changing the data