Raid difficulty

Just before the last update I was finnaly able to take on hard raids, but since the update (end of 7th aniversary) the difficulty as been increased so much that I am back to doing easy raids, not even normal as those are now also harder. Anybody else noticed this?
Are there regular adjustements made to the difficulty of raids?

My idea is that this is run by an algorithm and due to the extra repair that people had for free, more raids were sucessful, so the difficulty was ramped up, but way too much in my opinion.

Please comment below, have a good day!

What Build are you using for raids? Could you provide a picture?

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Try retchers

They are pretty much balancing hard raids for people who all run retchers

hes probly one of those people who runs rares on a 5 minute build. (not saying he is)
ive seen way to many people in those builds in raids and ive come across few who have an actual good build. but people with crappy builds have become far to common in hard raids now. they die within a few minutes so…

I just got my 1st Retcher, that is when I started doing hard raids, might need more armor, so maybe a switch to a heavy cabin.

I use arbiters for raids heaps and they are fine. Any MG will work but strip weapons before doing anything else and it all works out ok. TBH - i used most weapons just for variety and as long as the others in the group also have decent stuff its usually good.

I think they’ve opened up their teaming algorithm. I regularly play a 8400 PS build in hard raids and I get paired with folks running 12-13k builds.

Difficulty is pretty much non existent in raids at some point.

Yes you have to match the PS but not by slapping useless high PS parts - I see it sometimes, like 8K build with just all Hermits for wheels and vector for weapons. Yeappy k-yey. Your weapons should be highest quality fo your items, then modules/cabin, movement parts last unless its meta build (e.g. tank tracks + canon).

Also - for raids you just build HEAVY. As much durability as you can and a train plow - consider using 1 energy point for a motor to add some mass limit. Bots only aim for the cabin - so armoring is easy. Weapons go on the “rack” and you are good to go.

Aim for 2k durability for sniper builds (3 whirlwinds let you outdamage retchers on most raid maps) or 3k+ durability for everyhting else.

Speed doesnt matter.
Just beefy armor and damage. Dont try PvP builds in hard raids. And dont use gasgen unless you are a fortress on wheels - the first mandrake or scoprion will end you otherwise. Avoid exploding parts and put generator in the back if you can manage to face the bots at all times.

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generator on the back wont help for a boss with scorpions, they have this stupid ability to hit through every part on your vehicle and kill you in 2 - 3 shots.

raid difficulty scales with several factors,

  • Average PS of players in raid.
  • number of players in raid, - more players = more raiders spawning in per spawn.
  • group for faster queue & reliable outcome - reduces stress & time spent
  • the Matchmaker is “region” then “time in Queue” & PS does not get factored in for Raids.
    -test it in custom battle raid, try with various PS, & number in group, aslo vs each faction as that changes “feel”
  • group with “reliable” friends,
  • take radar/radio (detector) can prevent doubling back/preparing for wave easier/faster

if ya doing cannon dailies do patrol or easy raids - don’t make other feel like they carrying you (they might not be - it’s just feels like it, so why make it harder for others)

scorpions have a limited penetration - and if you have your generator in the back with enough space you will lose weapon but not the cabin. In general Scoprion bosses are not too bad if you have (auto)cannons in the team - they can snipe them off pretty easy. Pure MG builds might have some problems. You still shouldnt use gasgen though.

Mastodon/mamuth builds are nice though - yes, they underperfom vs. lots of small enemies, but can be helpful vs. bosses. In general retchers are the raid meta, but IMHO they are just taking any last bit of fun raids can possibly offer.

LOL dude you sneeze on a gasgen and itll explode xD

not on raid bosses they dont. they penetrate through my entire build no matter the size. i tested it, the shots go right through all my builds, even my giant mammoth build on a cohort. its pretty broken if you ask me. its why i try to use the environment to my advantage. if i can cheese the boss ill do so. on terminal-45 i use that metal roadway and ramp to lure the boss, toss down pocs and just wreck him before he gets to me… unless hes on a hover… :unamused:

You can use it in raids if you can put it far away from the cabin and avoid mandrake hits - piercing or not, bots aim for the cabin, so I was using mine for a while - it is risky but possible.
As for scorps on bosses - to be honest never had enough time to assess them, I can tank 2 shots on any build and by that time boss is stripped of all weapons. Its the key to hard raids - aim for the guns :wink:

bots have aimed for my weapons as well. not just my cabin, ive noticed it. they will focus on my weapon for a while before my cabin sometimes.

i always aim for the guns, its the first thing i aim for on a boss. my bullts do a moon walk before they hit the weapons of the boss xD

I have the impression its just the drones of the bots and sometimes heating weapons, I almost never had tehm aim for the weapons. Still - they never aim for “the trunk” where modules are. You can have your generator on top of the rack if you are not fighting steppenwolves.
It is perfectly viable to have your cabin and armor at the bottom and high tower with everything else - it works.

Sorry about the late reply. For the Heavy Cabin, I would recommend using Humpback or Bastion. Retchers are powerful, but experience is required to effectively weild them.

As for Movement parts, I’m gonna say I like Hardened Tracks. They’re pretty sturdy, and their light weight allows you to carry a lot of armor.

Hmmm - my most common raid build is arbiter / aurora on a nova hover. Maybe 1500 durability. I can usually make it through a raid on the original build but hard ones i use second 70% of the time. Weapons make the raid build viable but if you are too slow, you get smashed by everything. I used to run a humpack colossus arbi so i got extra damage but it still dies a lot

Huh, I use the Bastion cabin, it bulldozer blade does a great job at helping keep my build alive. My 4700 HP build will stay alive until the boss fight at the end. As for weapons, I like using machine guns like Imps or Spectres.

I usually use a 1000HP triple Stillwind Harpy for hard raids. Overall this build outperforms a Retcher build and I rarely need to use a free repair kit. What strikes me is that many players don’t use their range, that’s why they need so much HP :wink: Another thing that stands out is that 90% of Retcher players can’t hit anything beyond 50 meters :slight_smile: