Raid lag when playing with some Clans

I have a question
Is it a bug on my end or are certain clans/members using mods while they play raids that may/would cause lag for their fellow raid mates?
Before someone says it’s my wifi, I play multiple raids a day, with teammates who aren’t in clans and some who are with no problem, my ping is normal, then BOOM I get into a raid match with certain players/Clans and I get horrible lag, ping, I mean my vehicle rag dolls when it turns or overturns or under turns or the vehicle sometimes turns but continues in a straight line. It’s extremely annoying when you go multiple raids with no issue then bang! ragdoll lag and I check who my teammates are and see certain clans, I don’t know if it’s the cause of them, or I just got a really weird/niche bug that happens for some reason. Not gonna name the clans as I got no proof it’s their fault but just wanna see if it happens to others, not just me?

Perhaps you’re being connected to a server on a different continent and get laggy because of that? If you press F11 twice, you will see server information as well as connection information like ping and packet loss. That’s probably the most likely explanation. Although there definitely are different hacks that can affect the connection of other players, but I am yet to see one used in Crossout.