Raid score/rewards unfair penalty

Many times i joined a raid and it already started, no matter what i do, even if im the best in team i get severely penalised in score from the beginning and it reflects in the rewards
that’s unfair and should be fixed


I have dropped late into raids as it seems if it is a EU server there are those who seem to be doing their level best to prevent me from making any points. Blocking & stealing kills. I had several raids I had less than 5K points as they had 25K or more . Strange it seems to only happen on the EU servers . I have received insults in battle chat with this phenomena. All or mostly in Slavic. Quality of clients team work ethics has dropped and team work seems to have an “I” in it somewhere obviously I seem to be missing. Enough to decide to play less & less of this game Nor will I spend any more $ to support it due to the frivolous needless money grabbing game publishers in this failing game destine for file #13. Making new BP’s so if you don’t buy the deluxe pass & purchase level ups you wont reach the end. Sticking the proverbial fork in it. Don’t bother with the hate mail on my post, I don’t give a flying fornication.