Raids and maps that are too dark

Just finished a raid… it was one of those night or dark modes. I could hardly make out what i was aiming at they made it so dark. I wish they would appreciate the players eyes and not make the maps so damn dark. Needless to say after having a really successful hard win in a raid, I got this next map and well, all the bots might as well have been invisible. The developer for making it so dark should be slapped in the head. Maybe he had his monitor turned up bright… so he didn’t notice. The rest of my team did.

Add functioning headlights please. This would help (and make people use the part on real builds)

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I’ve never experienced a map that was too dark. This seems like an unusual complaint. Perhaps it’s your settings?

This would be cool. Yes, functional headlights.

Speaking of which, I would sure like it if they fixed the head lamps on my Thug. It’s a damn expensive cab, and therefore I think they should fix the lights…but please don’t “fix” anything else, like it’s skin. When they put that snorkel on the Huntsman, it sort of wrecked my day.

How about an anniversary CK for it that fixed the lights…and maybe removed the bullet holes. IDK about that last one. I sort of like the bullet-holes, and the patchwork body, but as an anniversary special it’d be nice, maybe.

Doll it up with a fresh smooth body CK with working lights, and maybe a new CK for Medium Wheels that have more better awesome rims, a real hood ornament…and a proper roll bar to toss in the back to help protect our guns from evil :eyes:… Throw in a anniversary sticker, a can of fresh paint, and a cheesy wasteland Igor portrait, and I’d give you $13 for that.

…ya, sorry. I sort of went off the rails.

Actually another player in the raid had the same observation as myself. Been playing this game since 2018, same equipment so its not just a “shot in the dark” complaint.

What map and raid was it?

i think it was Bridge- Power Plant Nomads (night version)

There are raids and then there are ones that aren’t worth the effort. Like anything Wrath of Kahn. Always found too many bots spawning in that one, hard to get near the leviathon because one is swamped in a sea of bots. Rewards if you do win suck and usually can’t get through it without using several repair kits. Players that try end up giving up and if you’re like me, and don’t like to lose anyway, you end up fighting alone in the end… just so you get something for the effort. So, I avoid that one entirely. I have to wonder if they do statistics of wins and losses on their maps and I get the impression, likely not.

Keeping track… Map reads as “Bridge - War for Fire” but after battle you find out its “Steppenwolfs”, you don’t know that before you start. Another map with bad rewards. Placed 2nd in a win, got 15. Other maps don’t have to work as hard and get like 27.

They truly lack consistency in rewards and the effort needed to get the rewards. However if they make the easier ones harder, nobody will play them or winning will cost too many repair kits. As it is, I don’t always end up with a team of 4.

Another bad map now that used to be enjoyable was the Chemical plant. I used to love getting into that but the levi towards the end, geez, each player cannot win without using many repair kits. The levi trashes vehicles like no other. It used to be an interesting map until some idget had to meddle with it.

Uh… it does tell you?

Yes, so I found out a not so noticeable icon. One more identifying factor for good or bad maps. In the history of the battles, its definitely more obvious.

i remember when I started playing that two things existed, “in-game” voice chat and car tires left treads in the sand for a while. I think they removed those things because their servers couldn’t handle the overload but that is just my guess. I think the game engine is capable of it as there are definitely shadows in the game but I doubt because of the overhead they will introduce it headlights that actually work.

Some other things have changed too. One used to be able to hover over the acid pools without getting damaged, one incentive to using hovers on certain maps. And it makes logical sense that used to happen since they didn’t actually come into contact with the acid.

Some changes are for the better, some not. It would be nice to get a vote on it from players of some these changes they make.