Raids and PS

Stop joining raids with your 15K+ PS builds, it’s dumb. Your cab with be destroyed long before you even use half your armor. You can’t equip enough weapons to justify that much armor. All you do is make the raid harder for others. Yes, PS still effects the raids. If you think otherwise please do your research.

If people have adequate weaponary for that powerscore then why shouldn’t they. Just because YOU said so, lmao!
I have 2 raid builds, 1 at 14k PS - 3 x Arbiter and Aroura and 1 at 15k PS - Porcs, Flash and Kapkan.
And yes, I know, higher powerscore means more bots that have more health and give out more damage and what of it…
Raids are easy (I’ve done well over 18k raids btw), even hard raids are easy.


I generally think they just need another tier of raids above hard. If it’s PS was min 12k(ish) a lot of these over powered raiders would probably move over to it provided that the rewards were good.