Raids partially completed when a player enters

I am so tired of entering a raid where I pay FULL price on the fuel but do not get full rewards.

9 out of 10 raids today (doing my plastic raids) started 1/3 already done. I only ever had the possibility of a full reward one time.

This is broken.

Maybe I am just hyper sensitive after Radiance, but every little bit of screwing is under the spotlight for me.


Welcome to my life.

This is called “small playerbase”. That is the reason they don’t have enough raids and have to throw some lates in already started raid/mission.


Not an excuse. There are plenty raids of 2 people. Hell it doesn’t even reset anymore if you are the only person when others zone out afk.

It would make a fuller que to hold them until the next raid.

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Nope, I don’t see those. I have full raids 90% of the time. A three-player raid is possible, but rare. A two-bit is kinda unique for me. Either way that wasn’t an excuse, that was an explanation.

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That happens to me a lot too, I dislike dropping into a raid that’s halfway finished, or when people drop into a raid I’m in halfway through it as it lags me and if I am fighting a bunch of enemies when that happens I take unnecessary damage from it


When your teammate doesn’t complete the first major task, it only takes a little damage and you get its score when it’s done, you’re not much less rewarded and you save time

True when you join late it would make sense for you to start with an average amount of xp that the others have accumulated to that point.


10 plastic x 9 raids = 90 plastic loss. For the same fuel cost.

Seems like quite a difference to me at the end of the playing session.

You can’t lose that much plastic in one game, 10 plastic on a premium account has a bonus equal to 400 points, how could you possibly you destroy so many enemies in less than a minute unless you don’t have a chance to do damage until your teammates have completed your first major mission, which is quite unlikely. Also, the latest time to join the fight is one minute after the start of the fight

You do understand that when I loaded in they had already completed one right? We do not get credit for tasks already completed if you enter after the task is completed.

Maybe it’s an xbox issue.

Not really. Sometimes I join in that way, too. So it’s PC as well.

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I think it’s just im a bit looking for things to pick at.

Let’s put it that way: when it’s only 20-30 seconds from the start, it’s okay to be added to the raid. But if an incomplete pack have already completed at least one goal or moved to any checkpoint, the raid should be restricted to enter.


I’m split on this one…

While I’m also annoyed when it happens for the reasons already well explained, when I’m attempting to do a week where I grind all the challenges I can, I appreciate a hard or normal raid going quickly. I understand that’s probably unique to me, but still… I don’t have much time to play, so on weeks when I’m trying to grind 'em out, getting a 1/2 raid is kinda sweet. :thinking: :melting_face:

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For that you need to optimize your “raiding time”. Which also depends on whether you only use default 200 fuel or add more of it.

But skipping raids till you get three specific raids is a good strategy in either case.

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