raids need to be mixed up again, having 2 DIFFERENT raids not 2 of the same ones all the time. this is really stupid to have both raids the exact same. i look for only 2 raids in particular. or 3 if im feeling particularly trigger happy.
easy - steel cradle / perimeter breach (steel cradle preferred)
medium - perimeter breach and frontier defense depending on the faction.
hard - perimeter breach

having the raids being the same thing all the time is pretty bad, have some variety! if anything it would help us complete raids quicker because when it switches it might give us something we want like lets say i had perimeter breach on plastic and frontier defense on copper, then the raids reset and i have frontier defense on plastic and perimeter breach on copper. thats what i mean, give us back the random raids we had instead of having 2 fixed raids that are constantly the same. also add another option to easy raids, no idea why they took that out.


I have nasty conspiracy theory tinfoil hat ideas, but… ya know… If they wanna kill their game by alienating the “fodder” their CW whales feed upon, well that’s their business. I don’t have to play.

I agree they should be offering two different raids. I do like the quicker switch overs though.

Honestly I think they could double the amount of raids listed as well. With the exceptions of maybe frontier defense and steel cradle most of them can easy be finished with only 2 active players. One of the internal data benefits to this is it would allow them to create an polling system they could see which ones players pick: X vs Y raid for the same reward each cycle. Then they could use that to figure out which raids need improvement.

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