Random changes to our garages

I spend a lot of time in my garages testing builds, playing around, and building different things, so I tend to pay attention to my garages, I’ve noticed slight texture changes/improvements in the Syndicate garage with a few more random destructible objects and scrap cars in places you can’t get to like a semi-truck recently, the army rail base garage also had some texture improved and some of the objects sway in the wind like chains and pieces of scrap, some more destructible objects.
But the biggest change is in the base farmland garage you get automatically. Not only texture improvements but more destructible objects, the outside park you can’t get to (scenery) on that garage has been improved a lot, like there are more buildings, on the far side they added a pond/river, which later they added buildings around it, the side where you trigger the bots the barn used to be smoking now it isn’t and it’s a bit more flushed out now!
Keeping to the side right behind your actual garage now has a caravan of vehicles and farming equipment (carbines) and the hay rolls are now twinkle-shaped and not can shape anymore with a carbine in the middle and one right next to the invisible wall, on the side opposite to the cliff side they added a random vehicle/AV on a hill looking like it’s spying on you lol
Just my observations that probably most didn’t notice or even noticed before I did!

Yeah Devs like to add changes like these without saying a peep. They’ve done it to PvP maps and raid maps too. Like… “Surprise there’s a tree here now! That’ll learn you to memorize a maps layout!” - tenshi backs in to tree that was never there before and swears profusely-

I know noticed they been putting so many invisible walls into maps, even in raid maps and eliminating what little accessible high ground there was