Random XO Questions

Ive been playing around 3 years but some things in crossout i still don’t know 100%. Im sure you guys might know so forgive me if they seem like dumb questions.

  1. How does the friend list/ghost bot cars interaction work at the garage?
    I dont interact with anyone ive friended after i got a request i just accept to be nice and i never send requests myself… so are the bot cars that appear in my range these friend builds?
    The ones that u beep at or fight. Are they friends that once visited my garage? Do i appear as a bot if i join their garage? How many ghost bots from your friend list can be active and how does it decide which appear?
    I really don’t know what is going on lol.

  2. In game battle chat. I know the enemy never see my chat when either dead or alive but can my team chat be seen and replied to at anytime by my team?

  3. Wondering how often the cheap fuse upgrade events are organized. How long do we have to wait between cheap upgrades of weps before the event returns again? I see it appear every now and then but don’t track it. I get itchy when i want a certain perk on something and would rather not dump extra money into it if i dont have to.
    I simply cannot imagine the nervousness a relic fuse would cause with the cost and buulshit of a random perk chance. I think you should be able to pick your fuse perk. Maybe they should of just made stabilizers more expensive to lock things in. At least people would know and recieve what they want. I dont think i would ever upgrade a relic if i desired one.

Any help on these would be appreciated.

Whichever car your friend has activated in the garage is the one that’ll visit. If there is none, some bot (like Foxy) will show up in it’s place when you are due the resource gift.

I believe they show up every 8 hours, and they are picked randomly. I think the gift is random and of limited quantity, but influenced by hidden factors. I wouldn’t expect to get 15 scrap from them all, all day, for example.

If you have no friends, then an NPC will take it’s place to deliver parcels, but at what intervals, IDK.

I am uncertain what the limitations are, as far as how many gift bearing friends will show up. 4 or 5 per 8 hour shift? IDK. I have a very limited friends list.


in a battle, there is Battle Chat and, then, if you are in a group, there is Party Chat. They’ll have different colors. Battle Chat cannot see Party Chat, but your Party Chat CAN see Battle chat.

they are totally random. it’s done like that to keep people online, so, if you see one while you’re online, try to take advantage of it.


Thanks for the replies guys… i appreciate it!

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