Range rewards via existing game objects

I was thinking about this a while ago there are a ton of existing game objects sitting around in their various maps some of which would make good small rewards for events and other modes. Anyone else find stuff they would want on their range? Bit of a photo hunt.

2021-08-07 (23)
2021-08-07 (25)
2021-08-07 (28)
2021-08-07 (36)

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It’s a good time of the year for a scavenger hunt.
I’ve been lobbying for flying-saucer wreckage for over a year, I think. Crop circles too, but we got that in a sticker. I lobbied for a horn that does a bronx-cheer too, and it sounds like they did that one as well. It must have been awarded by the Dronapocalypse event. I didn’t get one.
Anyway, I’d like it if we could add some graffiti (stickers) to some of the objects like walls…

…or maybe a billboard that you could apply an image to.

I feel like I want to update and renovate my range now.

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I like that billboard idea. They could let you rotate through a selection of their art images or add more of them in as later prizes.

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