Ranking the fuse events

How’d you rank them?
For me it’s
Guns > Modules > Cabins > Movement Parts

Now that I have the components & cabins fused that I want fused, it’s guns first.

Otherwise, it’s components, movement, cabs, weapons.

Components can be used on the biggest variety of builds, followed by movement parts, cabs, then weapons.

At least, that’s how it feels for me.

This is basically the same as my priorities when fusing or even buying/crafting anything. Components are the real MVP of XO.

I agree with this. I had my engines, Ammo packs, and seals as my first fusions. They make the biggest difference on the most builds.

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They all get a rank “useless and condoning to time/resource sink that is fusing” :man_shrugging:

Some brawl events are much better

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