Rant: end game isn't 15k+ end game is something else

I don’t understand some players, Like everyone with the parts can build a 15k PS monstrocity, who cares that isn’t really end game in my eyes.

End game is having the parts to build that 15k beast and instead limiting yourself to build something just as powerful in like 9k. Knowing the systems inside and out, knowing how to use the tools you have not just slapping on armor until you can survive a nuke and hoping the enemy has slightly less then you do.

Like serioulsy some of these high PS players think they are superior to anyone in lower PS but you force them into said lower PS and they will die to someone who had the exact same guns as them but half the PS because they know the build system inside and out.

Even better is the fact that most these bigger number is better people can easily be scrapped by a small corvo tank that looks like a turtle, or an art build thats HP is sub 600 and does 500 DPS. they rely on having no limits to make up for their failures instead of building around them and finding their niche.

Seriously IF you force every single CW meta player to build something between 7k and 9k 80% of them wouldn’t be able to build a box with a gun, while the other 20% might be able to and that is do to the 20% playing art builds in their down time.



I have to agree with that. This game shouldn’t have an “end game,” IMO.

Regarding high PS, I’m hard pressed to even see the point of attaining the upper levels of this game, since the game play is essentially the same…except it sort of isn’t.

It’s supposed to be, I thought, at least in theory, but how it seems to play out is that fewer game features are relevant. Exploits, the META, and OP weapon trends replace fun, imagination, and creativity with survival and necessity. I don’t believe that absolutely, but I think it is one of the difficulties with this game; balancing “fun” with survival…the developer’s survival, that is.

Making money off entertainment is something I think these these developers do awkwardly. They sell the wrong stuff at the wrong prices at the wrong times, and have this continuous upward agenda to create more bigger-better-bobbles to sell in fear of the community getting bored with the basics, which are a little wacky off and on.

The players also demand more stuff to consume constantly, and the developers probably see that as low hanging fruit. They just re-skin the Trucker, change it’s numbers around and re-sell it.

This game economy suffers from inflation in the same way our (USA) actual economy suffers from inflation, I think. We print too much money and screw with interest rates, while this game prints too many Truckers and screws with the power hierarchy. They both should simply focus on building a better world to live in, and then I think prosperity would work itself out.

That’s my rant. Feels good to vent. Glad it’s irrelevant. I’d hate for this to be very important, but I am hoping for more from this game than what it’s got going on now. Maybe next Christmas?

This thing they are doing right now is pretty radical, maybe it’ll straighten out later. This game has always been a roller-coaster. It goes through phases.

Lately, I’ve gotten lag so bad that determining if this game actually sucks or not has been difficult, because it can’t even be played…bonus rant, I guess. I’ll stop.


I have a serious problem with creating my own “End Game”. I go off the deep-end by creating fan-fiction. Like you said, with access to ALL the parts, i think that at that point it becomes about challenging yourself to see how many different things you can make with the limited variety of parts. When I start making different rigs, I can’t help but start making up small stories about said rigs. That’s how I combat the boredom that creeps in at the end of the game.

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They very much have the sweatiest builds in your mentioned PS bracket completely fused, without the relics and legendaries.

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A sad one though, that said yeah I am running a 100% fuse art build at 8k so I can’t say much. I sweat to much.

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i run a fully fused melee droner in 7k’s. I got the sweats baaad!

Endgame is diferent for everyone. For me its clear, when you can play on 15k+PS you can consider you start reach endgame phase, its not just about play 15k+ its about you get enough stuff to play whathever you want, high PS, low PS, or runing arround in garage if you want.

What you need to understand? Maybe players that play high ps dont understand you?
Im agree with you about endgame is not only HighPs, Im this kind of player who play Clan Wars with 15k+PS and i only play scrap/wires/batery with 5000-8000 PS because its more funny for me, and its nothing that i need to understand if ppl prefer higher PS.
I think the way you pose it like “i dont understand” “You feel superior” have 0 sense and its not constructive.
Im the first who asking for low PS ranked mode with uranium as reward, but you should better try to give arguments to motivate ppl participate with litle cars than just blame part of comunity because they wana play big cars, furthermore you call them noobs because if play with lower ps they will be useless players. Sorry but no, good player is good player dosent matter PS where he plays, and in my opinion you sound arrogant.

Um you realize most players who play engame builds love to play lower ps builds too. Too many of them try to get clubby about it too. Endgame builds are CW competative builds. Plain and simple. But i always tell people not to focus on rushing to endgame. Enjoy the ride. Crossout isnt all about clanwars. If your not a wallet warrior it takes a long time to get a cw worthy build. Id say ftp should take about five months to get a cw build. Thats a long time to spend playing before you reach endgame.

Yes there are some very toxic players in crossout who look down their nose at people. But it sounds like your being too extreme in your accusations.q

Ps i dont think ps defines engame. Theres def a cut off where u need a certain ps to compete in cw. For example a spark/harvester/lance would be cw worthy at around the 12k range in any cw tier, but a 15k ps dual mandrake would not be.

A lot of builds are good enough for at least rust cw. But the kinds of builds you can use in cw get rather limited up in diamond. Im saying min entry cw builds are endgame, not diamond cw.

I didn’t read a line of this thread, I’m just happy to see Doc is back. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I think I was pretty cranky about it at first, but this thread looked like an invitation to unload and rant, so I did. Maybe it was too much. IDK. I’m a bit more optimistic now, but it was a grim start.
I try to keep my opinions flexible. Otherwise, I could probably get all bent out of shape and just stay that way, all twisted up. I’m glad that last mood passed, anyway.

Hella-choppers will be good therapy. I’m ready. You ready?