Thank you!

Let us see:
Verifier, only craftable if you unlocked the Founders, which I missed.
Argus, not craftable.
Interceptor, not craftable.
And the odd energy Fatum Weapon, not craftable.
Real frigging nice!
Guess who are not my favorite people right now.
Great job Devs!
Oh, but free workbenches! Oh joy!

You’re welcome.

Just as a foot note.

Don’t dismiss Maxwell that fast.

I do miss Maxwell, while ruby it’s sufficient for drones ( it gives the max range ) and everything above that the drone don’t use it.

the Maxwell can be mounted in every direction and in tighter places than the ruby and can be used like armour, last time i checked it had more than 300 points of durability and it is heavy ± 300 kilos.
But it has more durability than small plows, terribull bars, APC bumpers and more parts ( damage resistance of this parts can put them more or less in the same level of the Maxwell).
So it’s a great little radar in my opinion.
And normally by the time they are chewing the Maxwell we don’t need 100 meters range ( max range) we can function without a radar.

I would not dismiss either Special item, the cloak or detector. But now I have 29/30 Energy so one has to go. Then I have one extra Energy for nothing. Now, all the one Energy items are not able to be crafted.
Real nice game!
Play for Free! but you can’t craft everything!
Then it is not free then, is it?
Oh, and the seven-energy generator that would solve my problem, it also is not able to be crafted.
Rant continues…
You sell a Medium Cabin to people who use real cash, The Call Cabin, to use with Drones. It has 12 Energy, now 24, which fits the playstyle it was sold for. Now, you decide to make it 23 Energy. Where is the Refund Developers? Bait and switch! You should be sued out of business! You cannot sell something to do a job and then after the sale the item cannot do the job you sold it to do!
That is called Fraud!

the bootstrap is huge though and i dont see how well it could fit into any build. i have one i havent sold sitting in my inventory, not sure if i should sell it or keep it. we got 2 from the battlepass before (dont know why) and i unfused one and its now collecting even more dust. im debating on either selling it for 800 coins or keeping it incase and event comes and it jacks up the price so i can sell it to some shmuck who cant wait to get the latest battle pass item (or mini battle pass item).

My build has nothing fancy, what you see it’s what you get, both drone builds.
Cloak is situational, it doesn’t work 100% of the times, a player can take you out of cloak, and it’s not my style, but i had to give up Maxwell 3 nerfs ago to be able to maintain the same structure and resilience of my build.
My playstyle is based on that.
It all depends how much your playstyle is based on and in what. In what’s crucial for you, and this game knows how to strip you down to the bear essentials.

I manage to dodge yet another change/nerf but i payed the price, not only losing the Maxwell, but now i had to fuse a wheel to be lighter and i’m 7 kilos from the mass limit.

Due to the melee nerf ( it had a hidden armour nerf ) i’m under the impression i made a tusk proof build and now it’s much more resistant to melee ( that’s the silver lining).

I think you have some decisions to make

You have to prepare in advance.
go crafting something to sell later.
I’m crafting special parts, they are cheaper so they will value less but they are quicker to do than an epic part, some epics are just not worth to craft anymore, i buy them instead.
I gonna get a set of new drones, maybe later, and perhaps a set of king mines.
Ttoday i bought a bunch of BFs cheap as hell ( i don’t get it how they are that cheap) to fuse a wheel to be lighter.
Verifier, argus and interceptor are not expensive, they are in i rather buy them than make them category-
Power unit it’s much cheaper than usual …uhmm maybe i will pull the trigger on that one


The heck are these?


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115% acceleration Icarus IV’s.

Your thoughts on this matter please… Perhaps I missed something ? :thinking: Come to think about it, There is no one on my friends list or clan that has complained about any “broken” power system.

there probably is someone in your friends list and clan who has complained about balance issues

:roll_eyes: All righty then. :smirk: Uh it wasn’t about balance, It was questioning the new power score Power system. No matter how you use common core math to introduce a “new & improved” power system its all :cow: :poop:

yea and why did they introduce a new power system? its for balance believe it or not

Okay, Cry me a friggin river! I have heard this “balance” issue for way too many years in this game. It comes down to Developers having to “appease” those whom haven’t the latest or the most powerful weapon’s offered or skills enough to survive a formable weapon & or opponents superior skill. As long as players with nominal skills remain in this game it will be plagued with “Balance issues” from the have not whiners. :thinking: Ya know, If the Developers wouldn’t have to be catering to the whim’s of the newb’s salty tears and was able to focus on the progress of this game instead of catering to the have nots. Things would have worked out just fine. Many act as if the Devs don’t have a clue on how to program this game or “Balance” sadly enough. Then pitch a hissy fit in the process at every new flavor of the month is dropped… “Its too OP it needs nerfed” Sadly the genie has been let out of the bottle and the Dev’s are continuously having to appease clientele in fear of loosing veteran clients as well. (Which has happened over the years) I believe it takes away from the progress of this unique one of a kind game. Not everybody gets a damned ribbon. As I was told years ago from the beginning starting out in XO, “Get good” . Screw balancing, It was a shit show from the beginning. Leave the Developers alone & let them do they’re jobs without a hassle. “Suck it up, Tough it out, Be the best you can” John Cougar Mellencamp

then maybe there is something to it?

not true

thats not correct, the devs do not give a fuck about the veteran clients

^ the reason the devs can get away with such atrocities

no, we pay their salary

it seems to me that youre one of those older players who are incapable of complaining and just eat shit when theyre told to

You’re replies show your intellect . I digress, Such Foley. Time to stop feeding the Troll.