1. The first common booster you mount needs to be zero energy then one energy for each additional. Rare boosters need to be one energy for the first one mounted, then two energy for each additional.
  2. Bootstrap Generators need to be added to the Factional Workbenches now! Now, I need 7 Energy instead of 6 because of the nerf to medium cabins. Fine, I will just craft a Bootstrap. Afterall, I have all the factions unlocked, surely, I could craft such a necessary part. But nope!
  3. Get these bots to get out of the way, they hardly fire their weapons and now all they do is get in the way and act stupid. They were better when they would get out of a human’s way.
  4. Where is the one energy generator? I only need one energy more or seven, not two or six!
  5. Sidekicks should be 7 energy for the first one mounted while Grenadiers and fuse drone would be 8 energy.
  6. Where are the uneven or odd energy weapons?

My personal thoughts on the power rating system don’t matter what so ever so I will keep my thoughts private. Like it or not another drastic change we all knew they was working on & has become the norm. Why ??? Is my question. “If it works , don’t fix it” Or do they change the game to keep us clients on our toes to change our builds we all become used to? One thing for sure, It really gets the creative juices going.

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and if it doesnt work then fix it

You don’t need such a thing like a bootstrap. ( i never liked it)

My build it’s broken but it has a simple solution.

i can go in three different directions.

1- i can demount the gen i have on it and demount a weapon, and put more melee passive stuff

2- I can keep the gen i have on it and switch one of the sidekicks for a hawk

3 - i can put an ampere and maintaining the current build as long i fuse something ( because i’m not seeing the extra mass they said they would gave to mount a gen.)

You don’t need that awful thing (bootstrap) it’s big, it’s heavy, it has an odd shape, Gasgen it’s much better, smaller and lighter.
Think this way, once the armour you have to protect your gen gives up, it doesn’t matter what gen you have.
Originally i had the ampere mounted in this build but with the BFs buff i had to give up of Maxwell and chance to a lighter gen( that had a much smaller blast damage than Big G, but once my side armour gives up, the outcome is the same.
Focus in strengthen your armour around the gen ( gasgen) you will have as much or even more effective durability around your gasgen than with bootstrap with something slapped to it.

Case and point.

Do you see the parts protecting the gasgen? If i had a bootstrap i would have less protection.
By the time those parts give up, it doesn’t matter what’s left or what kind of gen is there.


All 3 options are open, this is the third option after 1200 coins after and a few attempts ( i didn’t have a change to lock mass with a stab cause it was only at third or fourth try the mass came out )
My build is already fixed ( this one was easy) :slight_smile: uff
And with a plus i didn’t have to do nothing but switch to other gen and a wheel.


Right, say I do keep the Gas Generator and reduce one Grenadier to a Python, now I waste one energy.
Not many things I own take one energy, common booster is all I see so far. We need more things that are odd energy, not even.

CS Taymyr takes one.

Heck, every module (except maxwell for some reason) special rarity and under requires one energy.

Not Cloak or Maxwell. What Module would help a Drone player now that they stole 1 energy from my cabin? So far, only the common booster is useful. What module would aid me? What weapon has odd energy?

My rant is how the devs keep destroying every build that can’t use wheels/icarus IV, omamori or finwhale. If you dont play hovers or shotguns/melee you don’t have a place in the game. If you find a place for yourself, you will be forced out of it in less than a year. Oh you started destroying gold and diamond tier clan players in 9k pvp with Omni Astraeus? nerf You’ve done too well with Incinerators? nerf. You found a fun off meta build that kills fused hover sweats and shotgunners? nerfed again

There are builds and playstyles that take the collective community YEARS to develop, and the devs keep reworking and changing everything twice every year so all thats left are the hover/third person shooter players and the shotgun/melee droolers that have the easiest playstyle.

When am I going to get my dual auger tsunami fun back? When am I getting my Omni Astraeus back? When can I play a viable tracked cannon tank again?

Interceptor is one energy, and can be useful on any build.
Oculus is also one energy, and also useful for anyone.

These are actually pretty fun to play right now.
The new track handling makes them much more agile, and able to pivot on a dime to face an enemy. And that new reloader looks like it will be very fun.

I’ve got two tracked cannon builds that are currently performing well, and the energy rework left both of them with extra energy to play with.

They dont work though. Wheels can push tracks around like they are nothing, and track builds dont have the speed and perks to compete with wheels and hovers. In order for me to have fun, I need to be capable of taking down sweaty players with that build, otherwise its simply not viable. Nothing right now matches wheels and fused red hovers. (15% better acceleration than normal) Tracks are not viable in CC, CW, and they definitely wont be at 8k.

Im sorry for insulting you.

You are correct, tracks should outgrip wheels. I shouldnt be able to push them around with wheels.

Bigrams are very playable against sweaty players.

I agree about incin and astraeus type nerfs. Stillwinds as well. I think fortunes were fine as well. Hardly anyone uses them for normal play, but devs nerfed. I will say that while incin nerf description sounded like a killer, I dont see much difference.

FIN needs to be 3 energy. Omamori is fine at 3. If legendary engines go 3, it will keep SGs in check, especially the heavies.

I do not own either of those, but thanks for the suggestion.
PS: I do not have an Argus either.
What weapon is an odd energy amount?

You can run both oculus and argus for just 2 energy. They are now very cheap to equip so why not? I use argus to cheese bots or destroy kapkans/porcs/fortunes/homing missles for only 1 energy and oculus against cloakers for only 1 energy. That was one of the best changes they made and I can update loads of my builds now to counter that non sense on the cheap without making extreme sacrifices on the rest of my build.


So, going through blueprints. Why does the Call Medium Cabin have 23 Energy and the Nova Medium Cabin still has the 24 Energy? Screw this unfair garbage.
I got my Bootstrap and am reworking almost every blueprint. Like I have time for this crap.
Where is the one energy Generator? I only need one energy or seven!

As you can see the first screenshot my build become fixed when i switched a sidekick for a Hawk. I did have an extra point.
Now, after i changed the gen i still have an extra energy point

Maybe a Fatum? If you switch a 8 energy drone for a 9 energy Fatum then you will be using an odd number energy total.

There is also the Hermes booster, 3 energy, it will give you double the boost than a blast off booster?
or Argus with 1 energy, it will protect your build from Kapcans or mines but more important it’s faster than your drones doing so, which means while not catching all Kapcans or mines, it will remove pressure from your drones defensive role and they will be more focused at the target, in a more offensive role.

I normally use almost full mass limit value, but if your build is light enough you can use a light cabin, then your build will have an even energy total

Despite using drones my cabs are not specific for drones, i use a fav cab ( medium build ) and the light cab ( aggressor ) i leave the “heavy lifting” for the co-driver. One of the main reasons my build is a brawler, i have to remain in a 35 meters from my drones to take advantage of the perk

Nice, I hadn’t noticed that Argus is also only one energy.
It’s harder to fit into a build than an Interceptor, but I would say it’s more useful.
Either are good utility modules to counter kapkans and mines. Interceptor is great when opponents are running Yaoguai drones (or any drones), while Argus is great against homing missile spam.

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Legendary cabins have more energy.

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grenadiers yes 8 energy. fuze drones dont need to be 8 energy. fuzes are to weak to be 8 energy now so theres really no point in making them cost more energy for damage that isnt there.

experiment around, look in the shop and see if you can find something thatll fit your build.

Have you actually played tracks much since the handling change? And if so, which ones?
Small tracks with golden eagle are definitely capable of evading other fast builds, and even the Sleipnirs and medium tracks are fast enough for most purposes (especially with golden eagle and a fast cabin).

But more importantly, once you get a hang of the quick pivot you can execute turns than no other part currently can.

I’m not saying they are CW worthy (although I’m sure some talented players might pull it off), but they’re definitely good enough for PVP and CC.

One of my cannon tanks is on the tank tracks with the whaler cabin, and while it’s not exactly fast, it is way more nimble than they used to be. If a dog charges you, just use that full speed reverse, then pull a quick pivot spin to dodge them while keeping your guns firing at them. The energy rework makes it easier to run a verifier or oculus, so you avoid getting surprised and pinned.

I do wish that they had more traction, but traction isn’t going to save anyone if they are successfully pinned by a dog. Your only real change is to avoid getting pinned in the first place, and that’s true for any movement part.
At least tracks don’t melt as quick as wheels and hovers, especially if you are using Sleipnirs.

It’s my hadron/Sleipnir tank that is really performing well currently. The perk is great against flamethrower builds.

I will admit that the new handling takes some practice though. Took me at least a couple weeks before I got the hang of it, but you might pick it up quicker.

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