Rare and special movement parts & wheel tweak

This game needs lower tier movement parts and some epic movement parts could be knocked down to rares/specials with new models and parts added to replace them (fusions preserved). I think this is necessary as some epic movement parts are ugly, crude, or scale poorly in size for epic parts. New parts will also look better due to developer skill powercreep. This needs to happen because new players have no reasonable access to alternative movement parts until they can afford 700c worth of movement parts, and until they do so they will be endlessly destroyed by players with epics.

  • Replace Armored tracks with a track like this, and bump the existing armored tracks down to special rarity, and keep the squared off section above the drive sprocket to make it better for building around.
  • Augers as much as I’ve used them are way too small and crude looking to be epics. You either have a massive ugly landship or a laughably small vehicle with augers. I think they should be replaced by a longer one with better suspension with existing ones nerfed and knocked down to special.
  • Small tracks also ought to become specials, they are very simple looking and deceptively durable for their size and speed. They could be replaced by a track that resembles that of the Ripsaw MS1 with more ground clearance and suspension travel.

Wheels need maximum reverse speed and independent steering because they are the lowest skill cap movement part in the entire game. The reverse speed buff will only directly buff non w-key players. Independent steering would allow for diagonal movement with strafing keys. Pressing a strafe key would override the steering of rear wheels but not provide throttle as it does for every strafing part. Wheels have been dead for ranged gameplay because they are only good at wkeying. B4 I get hot red cope, hot red’s perk is garbage. You will never win a 1v2/3/~ reversing at ~47km/h with a hot red and wheels. Its far too slow and there are far more powerful engine perks. If this makes wheels OP take away dura or grip. TBH wheels have too much dura for their speed which makes them invulnerable to dewheeling.

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