Rating all the battle passes

How would you rate all the battle passes we’ve had so far?

I personally liked the First Syndicate one a lot and now this second one does not disappoint either, nice to see that Syndicate passes have been of a great quality overall.

What’s your favorite one? What about least favorite one? What made them good/bad in your opinion? And other general opinions about battle passes. Or seasons or whatever this is called.

I feel like the value has gone down for each one.

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Maybe rethink that. Four legendaries is more than we got at the start in the first battle passes.

They seem to suck more though every time they put them out and if they make them good then they nerf them.

Lets see.

Founders 1
Gave us Bigrams. Rest was hoverboi stuff (Assembler, Omnibox), Trigger and OP Anni. All those got nerfed, some of them long after they lost relevance anyway. Release Annis were stupid. Giving it +1 for the really cool armor parts tho. 6/10

Doomsday legendary cabs
Introduction of legendary cabs, Whirls and Gravastar. Really good BP, everything epic+ in it has proved to be viable, Nova was a bit too strong on release. 9/10, best BP

Nests sh!te
2/10. Had Beholder too, hate that cab, but at least it’s viable (probably too much). The game was so horrible on release, I can’t see myself rating it any higher because of the PTSD.

Syndicate 1
Gave us the Kaiju (broken OP on release). Yoko and Omnis have never really been relevant, neither in PvP or CW. Yaoguais is annoying af. Tempuras are super fun, but also broken OP. Plz don’t nerf Targem. Oh, and they finally buffed the horrible bumpers. 7/10

Founders 2
Just nope. 50 levels, Parser broken af on release, 50 levels, Destructors still OP, did I mention 50 levels? No money from me. The items look cool, 3/10

At least 1 other 50 lvl BP I completely forgot
I think there was Trombone somewhere there, and probably Buggy wheels and the 3 energy heavy gen. Buff Buggy wheels. No structural parts, or close to zero, 50 levels, a crapload of filler rewards like stabs… I dunno, 2/10? (+1 for Trombone)

Syndicate 2
Lets wait and see. Avalanche looks cool. I think viable 12 energy legendaries are a boon for new players, they can be the basis of relatively cheap decent builds. This one won’t be cheap tho, because no bp or workpiece. Sad. Also lots of filler rewards like coins, stabs, and random crates full of nothing. Too early to rate.

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Hands down the best BP so far.

This BP was so good that it put the people that missed those fused cabs waaaaaay behind the power curve.

This BP may have been to good, dare I say it.

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Some have been less interesting to me than others, but all of them have provided at least a few items or cabs that justified the relatively small cost.
BP items that I love the most: Griffon, Hermits, parsers, whirls, kaiju, cohort, hadron, machinist, Jannabi, vindicator, Yaoguai, vulture, bigrams, buggy wheels

I didn’t buy any of the BP, so my only concern for ranking seasons is the free stuff on can get. In that regard, there is a steep and continuous decline. Founders were an entirely new faction, Doomsday Cars gave some good structural parts and blueprints, and the current one… well. 4 parts, borderline useless crates, some stickers, and blueprints that are not permanent. Into the trash it goes. Especially the temporary blueprints, which are precisely the kind of scummy stuff to coerce players to spend money that is the reason why I’m not doing just that by principle.

please stop lying, the game totally isnt p2w!

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Well, everyone here always try’s to convince me that you don’t need fused items.

So… I’m most likely wrong. :slight_smile:


For me the worst one was the one with the Nest, but not because of the nest, but because it was THE test range battle pass with only a few actual items, like 3 if I remember right, hermits, beholder and nest, the rest just test range bloat.