Ravager Infection Mode - When?

Last year I had lots of fun with the Ravager Infection Mode that was running for about 1 month, and I think it was around December. Is it coming back? Would be lovely.


Nope, it is not coming back, we got a different brawl, and the update just dropped. I doubt their gonna bring it back as it appears that storyline tapered off now. I may be a cynic but that mode was popular and from what I can tell when the community likes something they either only do it once or they change it to make it worst, etc


Anything Ravager is always welcome with me! That event was nice.

When i create a good build i like i always like to create an infected Ravager version!

Love the ravager storyline and look.


I missed the Operation Red light mode. It was a thrill trying to outrun all off the ravagers.

I wish they would bring it back.


They should bring back Operation Red Light as the ravagers weren’t completely defeated and that game mode was fun, it was a free for all but with some teamwork, not too much though and if you did get infected you didn’t just become a spectator but played for the other team, this Dead City mode is a cluster fudge and the vehicle’s traction in this mode is like watching Bambi on ice