Ravager Stronghold Map & Copters

I was delighted to see the Ravager Stronghold map reinstated into the bedlam map lineup, but the 3 pits have a wierd effect on copters. You can fly down into them, and right before you reach the threshhold of No Return, you can pull back up and out, but cannot steer or turn. I suspect there could be a quasi magnetic-flux event taking place, or possibly a temporal anomaly caused by a black hole. Any physicists care to speculate? :thinking:


my physicist speculation is that pilot gets scared and gets a heart attack so he cant steer

but if he has a heart attack, how can he pull up, and be fine afterwards? :thinking:

same effect when u fly over a cliff in a map i cant remember(the one with the ships hovering above your base)
i thought it was odd,like flying into a void’…