Raven's Event: Can't Upgrade Already Upgraded Parts?

I have a set of Bigfoots with a bunch of random upgrades. I’d like to upgrade them all again using the Raven’s event. However, it shows in my inventory that I have no Bigfoot tires. I go through the list and it seems we are blocked from upgrading anything that already has been previously fused.

Is this a glitch that needs to be fixed?

It is not a glitch.

Every time they have this event we complain about this and every time it has been ignored for years.

Letting people refuse items does not make them as much money, so it will never happen.

Welcome to Free to play

Really? I must not have been paying much attention because I don’t recall that. Bummer!

B-but then how will we force our players to buy crosscrowns?
Yeah, once an item is fused, that’s it pls buy a whole new set for fusing
now give us more money

Back in December 2019, Treeburgers asked in patchnote comments ON THE FORUM (they weren’t using us for cheap social media advertising back then) if they maybe could please let us use upragded parts in the upgrading event, which was just like this one. A rank-and-file moderator coldly replied they weren’t planning to do that, and that was it. To me, Treeburgers was seemed to be the biggest Crossout youtuber, and treating him like that looked like an insult. At least a developer could’ve added something.

They seem not to care about your user experience. As if they expected you to spend around USD 100 and after you’ve gotten tired of the many issues with the game, they don’t mind you leaving. The way they treat their youtubers seems like a safe benchmark to assume.

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