Ravens Event Reward Costs: Huh?

This is my first Ravens event. I’ve done about 10 battles so far, and it’s alot of fun, but I have just one complaint: any useful rewards are way out of reach. I don’t have access to uranium, and there’s no way I can earn 1,800 batteries or 1,200 electronics. Even the “guest crate” requires 1,000 coupons and 3,000 Talers. All I could really work for is paint and stickers…gee, thanks. Why does it seem like the cost of the rewards in this event are geared to people who probably have the stuff already?

Like I said, a really fun event, but for me there’s no hope in getting anything worthwhile, so no point in continuing. :frowning:


Good conclusion.The best decision would be to find a game with a real content :+1:

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For most people this event will be pointless.

The main reason they have these types of fuse events is to bleed money and resources out of the game for high rollers.

They do it right before things like BPs so you will not have enough to craft any BP items. Then you have to pull out the credit card to get the stuff you want.

Best advise is to skip this event, save up as much as you can and then enjoy the upcoming battle pass.


Well, there was an announcement prior to this event that Raven’s was coming and that everyone would be best served to stock up on resources. So, it’s not like we weren’t warned.

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Rift 2M and Contact 2M are 2 of the items I would suggest newer players to make just to sell at least on PC they are easy to grind for and can net you easy coins. Emily and Median prices sometimes double over the course of the year as well sometimes you have to sit on them for a while though.


I looking forward to fusing my 2 kings into 1

i have to say that the 1800 batteries is quite excessive. thats alot of batteries to fuse 2 items.
1800 batteries
1250 electronics
800 wires
1800 copper

i got copper bursting out of my back bumper but… i feel that the electronic and battery requirements are quite high.

I am sure its about the brawls (and it is quite fun so far)
I love my emilies - its super fun to play as well, maybe I will make a couple medians.
But as for fusing - just ignore it. Its not even end-game-content, its just there to be.
See if oyu like median or any other Raven weapon - craft 2-4 of them and thats it.
You are not expected to make everything here, like oyu are nto expected to eat every icecream at the shop in one day.

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strong textI actually like the median… for one its smaller then reg cannons and seems to turn faster… also it fits a lot easier on smaller builds… I always go for that for the daily use a cannon quest…

My biggest Grip with the Median is that the barrel hitbox is huge. The gun is very hard to armor because there is no
gun depression.

I always hated canons. Still not a fan. That is until I was able to pair a couple of Fat Mans with a King and Flywheel on top of a Hadron cabin. Now, super fun firing canon shots every 1.5 seconds!

fuse them for reload and unleash Armageddon lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Already have. I’ve got +reload speed and +projectile speed on both. It is super fun!

nice! i want to get some fat mans for myself, i always liked that cannon. i do have the elephant to but its not really a piercing cannon. i like the design and how it fires, but i feel its a little under powered.