Ravens path copter only

Looks like the Ravens Path that starts on the 23rd will be helicopter mode only, so if you want to grind raven items you have to play heli mode, and ther will be no option to grind talers with a regular game mode, it’s forced heli or nothing,

Which sucks, as I don’t like playing heli matches at all

This means that one of the things I was afraid of is going to happen, all events are going to be forced heli rather than giving an option to grind the event resources with normal old fashioned combat. Christmas event will probably be like that too, unless there is a designated Gronch mode. But who knows that could be also heli only rather than having a heli mode for heli people and a non-heli mode for people who do not care about helis.

either way sut shicks

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What makes you say that? Where did you get that idea?

I hope not, but the developers do seem to like their copters, and I saw that they are introducing some computer cooling fans for propellers . I’m not that into it, myself, and I don’t think the cooling fans are going to change that.

They need to introduce some melee propellers that ruin the game for people in the air too. :neutral_face:

No one is forcing anyone to use helicopters. Just use your normal ground vehicle and you’ll do fine. If anything, ground vehicles seem to have the advantage in helicopter battles.

(This is assuming that you can use ground vehicles for the Raven’s event. I assume you can, since you can in all the other helicopter modes)

I thought they were just talking lore about the ones on the large airships.

It serves to further spread the playerbase. I like to provide zero support to heli mode. If this is true, I will gladly skip this “event” just to support my position. This is the first real BP I intend to skip, but I will not spend another dime if they try to force feed me helicopters.

Ya, maybe. I thought they were trying to hype the content of the next battle pass…I don’t even know when this one ends, because I’ve ignored it. It’s so easy to.

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There’s an event? When I start the game I get 8 different pop-ups, seems like business as usual >.>

Also I’m getting somewhat bored at the game going “HEY look at all the rewards you’d get if you paid!” every 2 matches and forcing me to click to queue again. No, I don’t look, it happens every 5 minutes, nobody got time for that!

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This is a long BP so I doubt they’re doing that. It seemed more like a follow up to the end of the faction war bit while trying to play it into the upcoming Ravens event before they “Ravens” withdraw from the area till next year. i.e. just creative story telling.

The mention of the rotors is basically elaborating around saying how those large skyships will be used and deployed.

Outside of that they made no mention of Raven’s event being heli based in the actual announcement for Ravens. [PC][PS][Xbox] Crossout: Between two fires - News - Crossout

" Raven’s path

Earn talers and produce exclusive parts of the Ravens and Knechte!

Attention! The event will last from November 23 to December 3 inclusive!

Special mission “Raven’s path”!

  • The mission counts towards the progress of daily challenges.
  • For taking part in the mission, the player receives a special temporary resource: talers.

These hexagonal coins, talers, are left from the Knechte. The Ravens defeated the Knechte in a fierce battle, but preserved their legacy. And so talers still remain a running currency.

  • Active “Premium subscription” increases the number of talers received as a result of the battle.
  • Talers can not be sold or purchased through the in-game market.
  • After the end of the “Raven’s Path” event, all unused talers will be withdrawn from the option to exchange them for any other resources.
  • Talers, as well as a certain amount of resources and parts, can be exchanged for items from a special temporary workbench, “Raven Pavilion”."

Ya…so, I wonder where this “helicopters only” thing is coming from? His cat? It’s probably the damn cat. Those things are devious.

Could just be the fear that they didn’t say there would be two entrances to the event or if it would be ground only… Who knows. We’ll find out soon enough if they thought it through or not.

Open up the game, go into mission selection, look at where the brawls etc are. Where you usually have any of the special game modes with talers / pumpkin coins / christmas crackers.

There it is, at least in the PC, greyed out like any brawl that is coming but not yet available as it’s only available in insert number of hours before the ravens path starts

There is the icon for it being helicopter mode. Unless you’re hung up on the helicopter only meaning that you can’t play ground vehicles at all, no that is not what I meant.

But it is still forced helicopter mode, as in you are going to be playing in helicopter maps, and there will be helicopters. Opposite of the normal gamemode without any helicopters at all if I have to explain it like that.

IDGAF if it should be called something like “mixed mode” or whatever for absolute super duper scienmtifically accurate word for it, bottom line is that if you want to grind Raven coins without any helicopters in a match, you can’t. You have to go into mixed matches with helicopters, hence forced helicopter mode. And some people don’t like matches with helicopters at all and to them this is pretty annoying

With a Flock as a pre-requisite to play. In teams of 3 players and 5 bots. :upside_down_face:

It’s the big rotor from the Brotherhood helicarriers. Some are suspecting it’ll be for leviathans. So maybe we’ll be able to post leviathans with rotors on the exhibition.
Or maybe we’ll get an ‘unboxed’ version of that rotor, just as a legendary upgrade of the ones we already have.

Beyond splitting the playerbase (which I agree is an issue), why would you boycott the mode? To prove a point? Political protest?
I mean you are free to do whatever you want, but it seems kind of silly to deprive yourself of rewards to make a point that no one will ever care you made. It really bugs you that much to see a few helicopters in a match?

I think helis are being forced fed on a majority that dont want it. If we show support, it emboldens them to keep expanding that line. I want to see them abandon it and go back to ground based equipment.

Helicopter battles are definitely not as popular as normal battles, so you are right that the majority of the playerbase don’t seem into it.
That may change as the BP progresses and more people start playing with the epic rotors. I’ve unlocked the mini ones, but haven’t built anything with them yet, as I’ve been more obsessed with small wheeled builds lately.
I’m playing those wheeled builds mostly in air battles though, because the big maps are really fun with fast cars, and because I enjoy the new challenge of watching the sky as well as the ground. Plus it’s really satisfying taking a helicopter out of the sky, and watch it tumble to the ground in flames.

Anyway, I fully support everyone only playing the modes they enjoy, and that’s how I operate. Not doing it to prove a point though. I don’t think the devs will abandon helicopters and remove them after this much work, but I fear if they don’t make some adjustment that it could enter a death spiral of long queue times discouraging those of us that enjoy it.
That would be very disappointing for me. I’m hoping that maybe the flares will eliminate the homing missile spam, and maybe make the mode more appealing for more players.

Or have air battles give out electronics or plastic, so that those of us who have no interest in raids can grind those resources in PVP.

It seems like they forcing people to use helis for this event, though no skin off my buttock though, after all the rewards for this event are the same old “raven” awards as usual, none of which I want, and the ones I did want I got a long time ago, I suggest just buying the items as most of the items aren’t even that expensive.
I wish they would’ve added 4 or 5 new items after the long hiatus they did with the Ravens, that way more people would’ve played, this event seems like a stop-gap event they shoved out while working on another mini BP or the next main BP
Literally nothing new besides you having to use a flying build :crazy_face:
New stickers
Could’ve been great to introduce but nah devs are like the same old :poop: for you!

The Medians seem like a good deal. I’m gonna get a pair of those, then I’ll blow the rest on bling. It’s not a bad bench if you’re green. Seems like they could have added some new stickers, or hub-caps, or something, a portrait, anything.

I’m glad you’re not required to use helicopters, like the cat said.

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Yeah, sucks that I can’t play the mode I want (regular crossout combat without helicopters) for the talers, and if I would want any talers I would have to play a mode I do not want to play (helicopter combat)

Yeah, at least there is no new items to feel bad about missing out on due to not wanting to play heli mode, but at the same time it sucks that it looks like all events are currently suffering from no new rewards. Feels like they are putting all time and resource into pumping out more predatory practice mini passes to milk money out of people (even if those too are just old items over and over again) and events are left to be what they are with nothing new added

I’m running this for the Ravens event…

…and winning, so I’m certain it’s not very difficult to raise enough talers to craft something interesting. I’ve already crafted two Medians that I can probably sell for 600 coins each on PC without hardly trying.

In fact I was just building that thing as a subject for a cute picture to lobby for healer drones for players, like the bots have in raids. I wasn’t actually trying. I just ran it in there for giggles and started winning.

It’s only got two sidekicks a Dun Horse, and a cheap radar in there. I’m sure there are more optimal builds…although, as Poony4u pointed out, perhaps that is optimal for the task at hand. It’s making my grind fairly easy and enjoyable…it’s got a siren too!