Re-give weapon strength in raids

It is important for players to get enough intensity in the way they like,Instead of forcing players to use Retcher and Catalina

Are you saying the adversaries in raids are to powerful or not powerful enough? I understood you think Retcher + Catalina is needed for damage.

My opinion:
They seem balanced ok for easy and medium raids to me. Hard raids need to be toned down, especially the shielded laser bots that target weapons from Dawns Children.


For example, Tsunami is also a legendary piece of equipment that is nowhere near as powerful as retcher in raids, but I want players to use it to achieve decent intensity like retcher, so I mean only using an enhanced version of Tsunami in raid mode

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More variety in terms of situations and enemy builds would help make more weapons and builds viable. Sniper turrets at longer ranges to make snipey, reloading weapons more useful. Flying enemies (drone swarms? copters?) to make MGs and gun with good elevation more useful. Builds that are highly resistant to explosions to promote other weapons. Builds that have no explodey bits to promote melee and heating. Etc, etc.


Like okay, I think I was a bit vague so let me give 1 extreme but simple example.

Perimeter Breach is a good opportunity to install some sniper turrets that would make Retchers miserable. The extreme would be:

Step 1 - Put sniper turrets (the elephant or phoenix ones?) at the cargo point, at 100-150 meters from the action.
Step 2 - Give them a roof so retchers just can’t shoot them at that distance.

Step 2 is a bit extreme and the whole thing kinda hits other builds too, but MANY interesting and different situations like this one would lead to a much more balanced raid meta IMO.

Want more examples? Something I’d like to see i nraids is randomly generated secondary objectives to vary the thing a bit, so have one:

Randomly spawn 3 really explosive fuel trucks. Dewheeling and disarming a truck = +50 pts for the team, Destroying one = -50 pts for the killer. Once attacked/they spot you, trucks try to drive to the nearest despawn point on the map (they run away)

I mean just for those weapons to increase damage in PVE mode, directly

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I too find cannons and reload type weapons lacking in raids.
I don’t think they have separate damage tables for pvp and pve like they do in some games, it needs to be baked into the game engine itself. (If I understand correctly)

No no no… Don’t change a thing.

Sorry, but you should build a rig according to what you’re going to do with it. Retchers are great for some maps, horrible for others. They’re great when you need to hit enemies approaching from over a bluff where the parabolic drop files the terrain and maids where the bots are gelded in a bit. It’s not easy to hit fast little bots swarming about with retchers. The weapon rotates too slowly, and the projectile is too slow. For maps with wide open approaches, they’re not so great. For those maps, I bring miniguns or autocanons.

I get the feeling that a ton of the complaints about parts being overpowered are coming from people who want one build and weapon type to be equally useful everywhere AND are complaining about a weapon they either don’t have or aren’t any good at using.

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It’s more so single shot reloaders than missiles and rockets. Rockets are actually a lot of fun in raids.

No. It comes from my wasting hours and hours in game with different builds doing different things.

I am not complaining about weapons I do not have or do not have skill enough to use consistently.

Reloading weapons have been lacking in raids as long as the game has existed though. It is not new.

Okay, maybe not you… but, there are at least two dudes who actually posted things like, “I don’t have them, so I don’t use them, but they’re OP…”

Really? How about you play them before you run your mouth? LOL :clown_face: Speaking specifically of drones for one of 'em. No one who uses drones thinks they’re OP.

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Cannons are shit if your aim is good enough to score reliable hits, cause you cannot bypass the parts that hitscan or scorps can.

In general, the damage of a weapon is inversely proportional to the chance of dealing damage to the player in PvP, such as Retcher, the player will rely on maneuvers to avoid his attacks, or directly dismantle, but enemies in raids will not, so Retcher has excellent effects in raids.
Rreloaded weapon porcupine is the same as the retcher, they are not easy to hit the player, so the damage is high and has a good raid effect, while the cannon they have a lot of chances to hit the player in PVP, their damage is low, so the effect is not good in raids

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Played em in every game mode, I’m not offended by them in raids because I don’t play raids, but I believe it is poor game design to have 2 weapons dominate the sole PvE mode of a game with a hundred weapons.

I could see your argument of “don’t touch it, build accordingly” work if raids were well designed… as it stands, raids need some touching. They’re probably the worst PvE experience I have ever seen in an online game.

I disagree with OP’s that cryptic numerical tweaks between modes is the way to go. Nothing screams quality more than a building game with parts that somehow don’t behave the same way depending on the game mode you’re playing.

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