That schit really fucks with my paradigm. I say some stupid things, and to see that comment as being what is ultimately too offensive for public consumption…wow.

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Best keep your topics related to the game, or skynet and the thought police will come to censor you :shushing_face:


I guess so.


Even I could tell you were messing around…and that’s saying something!


Don’t worry about it they are clearing past flags right now. I asked them to go through them to take off that threat post. I caught a op in the game by chance.

Ya, some of my “humor” isn’t always designed for their targets to comprehend, and is just for my own personal amusement. I don’t care if anybody gets it…but I think it’s funny.

Smells a little like monkey business, or maybe even a mistake (it’s pretty illogical). IDK.

I was just commenting on the lack of moderation here on this forum too. Like, that was one of my last two or three remarks made here, so it feels like an odd coincidence.

Oh. I see. Well, thanks for intel.

On of the Ops has said he’ll try to check in more on us. We should give him a warm welcome as we’ve wanted more contact. Lets please not scare him off like the other ones…

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Honestly just happened like in the last half hour or so. They are going to do stuff I can’t do like clear flags, stop arguments…

@DocSavage It’s really not me I msg’d them in the gm chat to look at it.

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Ahhh…a rookie, eh? OK. I can be good(ish).

It’s just, my “paradigm” has been jilted a little lately, and this whatever made the red lights on my dashboard blink, I guess.

I don’t trust the Matrix, and am probably just having an allergic reaction to the red pill. I’ll be OK.

I do appreciate the fresh vector. I can get back on course now, I think. Thanks.

And to the green mod, Welcome to the forum…noob.

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It was someone I have never heard a complaint about. Though that might just be by my ear. Who cares really…

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Was mudnbeer advertising the sale of dinosaurs? I’d be interested, but the permit process to own one might be onerous.

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I wasn’t aware that would be a MVP sale.

We don’t often need a mod, apparently. I don’t think we’ve had much attention in a long while…then suddenly.

That DIKHed dude was sort of an anomoly…I mean, I wish he was more of an anomoly (it happens), but it hasn’t been often in the last several months that this forum has really required a moderator, if at all.

Things should go fine for the new guy. Hell, even Mupppet has been easier going lately.

EDIT: I think I told Poony4u to FO a while back and that was probably too much. sorry. I’ll try to be better…ish.

We could use one just to keep things in check with outside conversations. The small arguments aside we often make fun of them. I really don’t appreciate threats on here even if I’m not the mod. We need someone that will at least clear off the flags and look at the posts…

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